The arrest of armed robbers criminal group in Parwan

Interior Ministry officials have reported the detention of a group of four professional armed robbers who used military uniforms on the Kabul-Baghlan highway to stole locals goods; the Interior Ministry has said the men had been arrested in Parwan. “National police, the national army, and National Directorate of Security forces have arrested a group of four robbers in a joint operation in the villages of Dawlat Shahi, Bayazid and Sufis in Bagram district of Parwan province,” according to the ministry’s newsletter.

“The thieves have used various forms of crime, including theft of cars and theft of merchants’ property, in addition to the group of four men, four rifles, ammunition, and military equipment was also seized from them.” the newsletter added. Meanwhile, a number of passengers and drivers on the Kabul-Baghlan highway had expressed concerns about the insecurity of the highway before the arrest of these criminals.