The arrest of most dangerous ISIk members from Kabul city

The Directorate-General for National Security has written a statement that the security forces arrested a 9-member ISIL-led special operation by Haris, which was engaged in terrorist activities in various parts of Kabul.

The organization has also written Abroad, in collaboration with Mohammad Idris, a shopkeeper at the second house of Gulbahar Center under the name (Dar al-Hijab) of a trading guide at the Musa Castle in Kabul and a money exchange office in the Shahzada town of Kabul. They were created by the ISIL terror group to finance their people.

Also, the heir to the name of European countries has collected large sums of money in the name of helping poor Muslims and has sent it to the ISIS group.

The detainees were sending money to various provinces to treat ISIL members and their families.