The collapse of ISIk following internal disputes

Analysts believe that ISIL has failed in Afghanistan following the arrest of senior members of the ISIL terrorist group following the arrest of senior members of the ISIL terrorist group, the elimination of the group’s leaders and nuclei in Afghanistan by special national security forces. And they have lost the ability to confront the Afghan security and defense forces.

Since its inception, Pakistan has always funded, equipped and provided military training to terrorist groups in order to achieve their sinister goals, and has always provided a safe haven for the bases of these groups in their territory, most recently with the arrest and killing of top individuals. ISIL has made great efforts by the Afghan security and defense forces, Pakistan, especially its infernal organization, to unite this deadly and murderous group with other terrorist groups, but despite these desperate efforts, Pakistan’s Khorasan branch Internal differences and divisions struggle.

Officials in Nangarhar and Kunar say that the arrests and confessions of ISIL members in the Khorasan branch show that the majority of Pakistani extremist movements are the TTP, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Lashkar-e-Islam and immigrant minorities. Their disintegration in the east and the capture of their emirs by Afghan security forces now have no place and no place of obedience in Afghanistan and are incoherently in the east with other extremist groups, especially Jaish-e-Mohammad in the border areas (Kunar).

A person named Shahab Mohajer, who believes that the majority and accurate information of Pakistani origin is of Arab origin, has taken over the new leadership of ISIL from the Khorasan branch, but the majority of ISIL operatives still do not recognize this person.

In the northern parts of the country, several Uzbeks (Tahir Yaldash, Yaserkandzi) have been managing incoherently, working in coordination with the Taliban in the northern and northeastern parts, and trying to bring a number of Taliban in the future after the peace process. Foreign ISIL operatives are also thinking of raising the black flag.

The central part is preceded by a number of people from the remains of Saad Emarti, Hasib Logari, Matin Mu’awiyah, and an urban inscription (assassination of and kill) by the people of the Khorasan branch.

Experts say that the branch of Khorasan branch, which is responsible for Mu’awiyah Harbi, Badr Khorasani, Khalid Al-Tajik, Abu Ishaq Khorasani, the majority of ISIS operatives and elements who have joined ISIS ideologically, and this group is the Khorasan branch of Amir Khorasan and there is no connection between them yet. ISIL propaganda channels in Khorasan are mostly in the hands of splinter branches and are hard in the face of propaganda and propaganda against the Taliban group and denounce all the actions of the Taliban and call them apostates and traders.