The compilation of Bagram Airport handover to Afghanistan government

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With the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, US troops and NATO allies have so far handed over at least seven military bases to the Afghan security and defense forces, most recently sources in the Afghan government claiming that the Bagram airport facility Surrendered by the Afghan delegation.


In the pictures made available to the Pasbanan Media Group news agency, a large part of the equipment of the American forces is being transferred to their country again, and the American soldiers are loading this equipment.


Bagram Airport, also known as Bagram Air Base, was the most extensive US military base in Afghanistan. The airport is located next to the ancient city of Bagram, 11 km (southeast of Charikar) in Parwan province, Afghanistan. Bagram Airport has a single runway capable of handling sizeable military aircraft, including the Lockheed Martin, C-5 Galaxy, and Antonov An-225. Bagram Air Base is operated by the Afghan Armed Forces and a US-led Resolute Support Mission.


At least 455 US Air Force expeditionary wings were deployed at Bagram International Airport alongside changing US Army units, including the US Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.


The airport had several large hangars, a control tower, several support buildings, and various residential areas built by US forces. More than 32 hectares (130,000 square meters) of sloping space and five regions for aircraft repairs with more than 110 additional support units. Many of the support buildings and housing at the base were built by the Soviet armed forces during the occupation of Afghanistan. They destroyed the airport after years of fighting between the various warring factions. But the base has expanded in recent years and been built in a very modern way.


Hamid Karzai International Airport (Kabul International Airport) is located about 40 km south of Bagram, connected by two separate roads. Also, Parwan prison is located near the Bagram base. In the past, the establishment of this prison has been criticized for its mistreatment of prisoners.


The airport has now been handed over to Afghan security forces. Most parts of the airport, which includes large hangars and cooking areas, have been handed over to the Afghan delegation. Although the base was once considered a significant US military base, providing most facilities to the US military, most of it has now been destroyed. Some limited facilities such as canteens, offices, and some hangars are now handed down to the Afghan army.


The airport’s evacuation from the US military is now complete, and most US military installations are closed.


Although most US air force equipment is still stationed at Bagram Airport, which may travel from the airport to the Persian Gulf in the next few weeks, reports indicate that most of the vital equipment to be delivered to Afghan security forces by US forces Has been destroyed.


Pictures provided by Pasbanan Media Group show US forces loading the rest of their equipment, and several hundred shipments will soon be shipped out of Afghanistan. Although Bagram was once one of the most strategic US military bases north of Kabul, it was responsible for securing central Afghanistan and the air force. Still, with the withdrawal of US troops from the base, concerns have been raised about poor management.


In recent months, US forces evacuated Kandahar airport and handed over many Afghan security forces, but the airport came under Taliban rocket fire after US troops withdrew. Now Bagram residents are worried that with the withdrawal of foreign forces from the airport, the security situation in Bagram district and its suburbs may also be evidence of anti-security incidents by the armed opposition.