Relatives of the martyr: The death of Dr. Maiwand is not the end of the Education path in Afghanistan

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They have come together to entrust a youth who has saved many lives. Dr. Maiwand Farooq Najrabi was a medical professor at Al-Biruni University, and he was killed in a terrorist incident on Saturday (5/29/2021). The brutal incident killed at least three people and injured 13 others. Maiwand Farooq was one of these victims. After the incident, the Ministry of Interior announced that the event was caused by a mine explosion imbued in the Transport car of the Al-Biruni university scientific board, and it took place around 3 p.m. Furthermore, the interior ministry officials announced that the terrorist attack was carried in the Rabat area of the seventh district of Charikar city, Parwan province center. Tariq Arian, the Interior Ministry spokesman, told the media in a written message that the target of this deadly attack was the professors of Al-Biruni University.


But Fardin Ayar, a professor at Al-Biruni University who also witnessed the incident, insists that a car carrying al-Biruni University professors was shot by unknown men, causing irreparable casualties. This lecturer at Al-Biruni University and a witness to the incident said: “Yesterday, a group of Al-Biruni University colleagues and professors traveled from Kapisa to Kabul. Unfortunately, unknown people attacked their vehicle in the area of the Bagram district. As a result of this incident, 13 of our colleagues were injured, and two others, including Dr. Maiwand, died on the spot.”


It is believed that the implementation of terrorist programs in the country by the intelligence agents of the region is a battle of enlightenment with the darkness. Another professor at Al-Biruni University believes that the enemy will never achieve their goals by sacrificing influential figures, especially members of the country’s education and higher education families. Another professor at Al-Biruni University says: “The enemy is trying to remove the enlightened class from the society to destroy the knowledge of enlightenment and science, and lead Afghanistan to a country devoid of enlightenment science and knowledge, and the country will regress. Teachers are the most oppressed class, the most serving class of society; their sacred duty is education, and they try to make Afghanistan one of the first countries in the world. This is an enemy of science, knowledge and dragging people into darkness.”


Some experts say that this event is against Islamic norms and values. Farid Mohammadi, a political analyst who attended the funeral ceremony of Dr. Farooq Maiwand, stressed that the persistence of intelligence weakness in the country would lead to civilians’ continued killing, especially those working for science and knowledge. “This is not the first and last attack,” said Farid Mohammadi, a political scientist, and university professor. “We are witnessing the loss of incredible youths; we have lost doctors; we have lost students. The intelligence agencies need to be further strengthened because we witness that this incident took place in a safe area, which resulted in human casualties. What can we expect people to do in insecure places?”


Some relatives of the Al-Biruni University professor say that the leading cause of this incident is the government’s negligence and the failed peace talks. They emphasize that foreigners in the country and the vague peace talks have brought the work here and that the terrorists are sacrificing the people of this land every day. Abdullah, a close associate of Dr. Maiwand Farooq, a professor at Al-Biruni University, added: “The enemy has no borders and no religion; it kills everyone to fulfill their superiours desire. They proved once again that they are continuing their attacks, that peace has been called into question for a year, and that the Afghan government has failed to contain such incidents. So far, hundreds of scientific figures have been martyred, and the government has not arrested the perpetrators and has not handed them over to the law.”


Abdul Mosawer, another relative of Dr. Maiwand Farooq, a professor at Al-Biruni University, said: “85 infidel countries have come to Afghanistan under the pretext of service, but all this murder and bloodshed is a part of their plan and the perpetrators of this attack are now in their hands. So what is going on in this land? It is all led by infidels.”


Some medical students at Al-Biruni University, who attended Dr. Maiwand Farooq Nejrabi’s funeral, insist that the doctor’s position will never be filled. “It was our last semester when Professor Maiwand taught pediatric surgery,” said Ali Agha, a student at the Faculty of Medicine, Al-Biruni University and a student of Dr. Maiwand Najrabi’s student. “He was a good young man and had no negative views. He treated us like a friend and brother. Unfortunately, it may take many years for Master Maiwand to reappear. The terrorists should remember that the light of science and knowledge will not go out in this country.”


Several other participants in the event stressed that the continuation of this situation would cause brains to flee the country. Moin Mirzadeh, a close associate of Dr. Maiwand Farooq, a professor at Al-Biruni University, believes: “Let’s have mercy on this country, bring peace to this homeland. People need peace. If we see these attacks continue, all our vagrants will leave this country and emigrate.”


The professors of Al-Biruni University call on the responsible institutions to follow up on this incident seriously and bring the perpetrators to justice. “We expect the authorities not to remain silent and to take collective action, to take a serious, dignified stance, and to take a stand against the hostile forces, the Taliban and other groups they are fighting against the Afghan people, making them aware of their actions and taking preventive measures.” So said Fardin Ayar Al-Biruni, university professor and incident witnessed.


Dr. Maiwand Farooq Najrabi was appointed a professor at Al-Biruni University a year ago and was the university’s Experty Hospital director. He died at the age of 35 and received five children from Dr. Maiwand, including two boys and three girls tall and half tall. The terrorist incident has also provoked reactions. Abdullah Abdullah has called the continuation of this situation a continuation of the crime series. Some other government officials have said that the attack on these institutions’ educational centers and scientific staff is a soft war of terrorists. However, more concessions are made in the peace process.


Report: Shershah Navwabi and Imran Khorasani