The European Union has caused the migration of Afghans!

Report: Lailuma Sadid

“The European Union has led to an increase in immigration in Afghanistan due to the ongoing war in the country,” said MP Claire Daly, and she is concerned about the torture and violence of the police in European countries, especially Croatia, and calls it a violation of human rights, said the member of the European Parliament who protested on October 24 in Brussels.

Ms. Claire Daly, who has been a member of the European Parliament from Ireland since 2019 and is a supporter of asylum seekers in the union, protested by showing pictures of an Afghan immigrant who was severely beaten by Croatian police; she raised a supportive voice for the Afghan immigrants in front of the European Commission, and urgest the Commission to bring the dormant voices of immigrants to the attention of its decision-makers.

The MP and immigrant rights activist wrote a letter: “I present this letter to the European Commission officials that the allegations of torture and ill-treatment of migrants on the borders of European countries are disgusting, and call for an investigation and co-operation to protect migrant migrants on the borders of European countries.”

The European Union wants to adopt a new plan called the Compulsory Dependence Mechanism, which allows member states to accept asylum seekers under who have completed his legal age around 10,000 euro, and those under age the European council will pay at least 12000 euro.

The plan was proposed by the European Commission after the fire at Camp Moria in Greece, with Germany being a staunch supporter. Claire Daly, a Member of the European Parliament from Ireland, protested in front of the European Commission, which decides on the country’s financial and fateful issues, by showing pictures of an Afghan refugee severely beaten by the Croatian police. The European Union (EU) has been accused of continuing the war in Afghanistan, and increasing asylum seekers’ number.

“We are here to urge the European Union to refrain from violence and ill-treatment of Afghan refugees, as the continuation of this unfortunate situation is intolerable. Although EU leaders are fully aware of the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan,” she said. “At the same time, they support human rights organizations. In general, the situation of asylum seekers in Europe, especially in Croatia, is shocking, and we want to address all the challenges and end the torture and violence of Afghan refugees.”

With the onset of winter or the approach of winter, migrant migrants on the borders of European countries live in depression and misery and without shelter under tents and in difficult conditions, and on the other hand, some countries are facing serious police violence, which is the case. It has angered a number of EU parliamentarians, human rights defenders, and migrants.

The EU parliamentarian says that in general, governments in the EU incite such tastes towards asylum seekers. He stressed that EU member states must pay a price for violating international law, in fact, it is Europe that is forcing people to flee their homes by intervening in war zones, and this approach increases displacement. Be.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in Europe, most of whom have fled the country due to insecurity, poverty, and unemployment.

The EU MP also stressed that their symbolic protest was in defense of the rights of asylum seekers, especially Afghan citizens: “We want a Dopplen agreement, I do not believe that this situation can reduce violence and, on the contrary, increase it. But since we know that the signing of this document in countries like Afghanistan, that is, this law, has led to the return of dozens of asylum seekers who were in reality under serious threat. “It will be a new challenge for immigrants.”

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, the President of the European Commission, Ms. Ursella Fenderline, called on the EU member states to act in a coordinated manner to accept immigrant quotas. According to him, the new bill will replace the union’s old Dublin law, which stipulates that as soon as an asylum seeker arrives in any country, the same country must review his or her immigration case.

The President of the European Commission called on the member states of the European Union to send their proposals for a new plan to the Commission by the end of the year so that it can be implemented as soon as possible and the fate of the migrants can be clarified.

The EU proposal could partly determine the fate of asylum seekers wandering under tents this cold season, but whether or not they will be accepted is unclear, as parts of the plan have austerity measures that hasten the return of illegal immigrants. They can prevent it.

It should be noted that the number of illegal asylum seekers in European countries last year was 140,000, which shows a significant decrease compared to 1.8 million illegal asylum seekers in 2015 and the immigration crisis.