The failed end and the fear of dragging Afghanistan into the abyss

Feature Stories شیرشاه نوابیShirshah Nawabi Tuesday July 13th, 2021 0 Views



For the past two months, conflict and violence have been rampant in the homes of the people of this land. The battle is raging from all sides, and the cities have become the land of the dead. Hence, the indiscriminate killing of human beings on both sides of the war and the displacement of thousands of families who had a thousand and one hopes and dreamed of a happy life in their mud houses.


Someone lost their child, someone lost their brother, and someone lost their father. This war left the mother childless, the daughter fatherless, and the wife fatherless, the ideals were all buried, and the tall young men of this land were destroyed one by one and buried. But the end is still unfortunate for this land, and at any moment, Afghanistan is being dragged into the abyss, and the people of this country are in danger of falling. The achievements have been jeopardized, and the forces of forgery have rigged the destiny of a nation.


Sometimes the newsmakers make the news, and sometimes the Marines in this land fall victim to their surrendered bullets. Teachers’ pens are broken, and students are prevented from going to school. What is the situation that mourning does not end and sorrow rises from the doors and walls of this country? Twenty-one provinces are on fire, and the offspring of Britain directly manage the battle leadership.


Pakistan is the most hated name that is even hearing it is disgusting to the people of this border and environment. The ISI, the bloodiest old and cunning fox in the region, who has not quenched his thirst by drinking the blood of hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens and devises a new plan every day to bring his puppets to power, changes the tricks of war and to the extent of the helplessness of his soldiers. Sends the Taliban to the side of the battlefield by the side and creates the most brutal events in history to conquer the geography of Afghanistan.


But in the context of these equations, which are no longer considered overplayed toys, the Taliban are raising their heads more than ever, claiming control of 85 percent of Afghanistan’s territory. These days, the same actors play a negative role in Indian films. There are the most unprecedented propaganda and psychological warfare that have ruled the people of this land. It even counts the plains and mountains of the country, which are inefficient in terms of military strategy and military strategy, and makes its psychological warfare machine fatter than ever.


Fighting the 352,000-strong Afghan force may have been a game for the Taliban, but the formation of popular mobilizations to defend their utopia has complicated the game and made Afghanistan’s political-military interactions more uncertain; Perhaps the most considerable alarm for this group. On the other hand, as Taleban speakers, the Pakistani media narrate non-Islamic jihad, which, according to Pakistan, is allowed only in Afghanistan.


To achieve the long-standing cause and unite the people of this country, now the most crucial test in the history of Afghanistan has been launched; the government may have its hidden and hidden beliefs, but the figure of the second national resistance against extremists and Pakistani educators, this test It has made it harder for the Taliban and its supporters. If these uprisings are managed, and the government has the whole will to organize for its survival, there is no doubt that Afghanistan will breathe, and the history of this land will live on.


Suppose the government continues to roll up its sleeves and consider the dismantling of the resistance as a precondition. In that case, the experience will be repeated, and the system’s overthrow will be definitive. Future generations will remember how much the unkindness of the regime and the leaders of this country has axed the roots of Afghanistan and sacrificed the survival of one generation; But there is no doubt that the opportunity is still there and luck is still knocking on Afghanistan’s door; Although opportunities are scarce, rescuing Afghanistan from the abyss of collapse will be decisive if the president lends a helping hand and deliberately measures political mobilization.


So to survive, you have to stay in the same geography and fight to the last drop of blood. Still, provided that the system respects its citizens and takes the lead in shaping national programs, then the insurgents will be marginalized and their masters. At the international level, they will miss opportunities. So now that Afghanistan is on the brink of significant change and the security vacuum with the withdrawal of security forces may be the best opportunity, Afghanistan must force the regional powers to accept peace. And make the overthrow of the war final.


Although the enemy is still heating the battlefield, destroying our homes, but exaggeration and stereotyping of issues must be avoided; Durand has no place, and efforts must be made to save this land; Whenever the government knocks on the doors of Afghanistan again, the hardships will be relieved, and other people will stop thinking about leaving Afghanistan. So to survive, you have to choose this geography and give it life but provided that the victim is not wasted and traders do not find a warmer market again.