The Ministry of Public Health denied the spread of the Corona virus in Herat

The Ministry of Public Health confirmed last night that no signs of coronavirus had been seen in Herat province.

Yesterday, social security issues in the province of Herat reportedly revealed that Coronavirus officials had confirmed that three suspects had identified the coronavirus in Herat province. It was sampled and sent to Kabul for testing, and it was later revealed that no coronavirus had been found in the test.

Farah also borders Iran and there are commuters on both sides of the border. Authorities in the restive province say they are doing everything they can to prevent the outbreak of the virus in Afghanistan. But it must be said that Taliban insurgency and insecurity in the border districts have made the job more difficult.

In the past two days, six have died of coronary artery disease in Qom and Arak provinces of Iran, and more than four people have been treated.