The most dangerous sniper in the world M_200

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Chitek Intervention, or M200, is a sensitive and dangerous weapon for snipers in the largest army in the world, the United States.


Launched in 2001, this weapon has maneuverability of up to two kilometers and 2300 meters. Furthermore, this weapon is equipped with a laser rangefinder that can measure distances up to six kilometers. In addition, this weapon is also equipped with a night camera and sensor weapons that can detect the enemy from its body temperature at night.


The Chetek Intervention is a sniper rifle made by the US company Chitek LC, which is also used as an anti-equipment rifle.


The weapon is armed with a seven-bullet sniper rifle that may also use five-bullet rifles. The ammunition used in Chetek Intervention is Chetak 408 or 375 bullets, which are following the M2 Brinnek series of shots and NATO standard.


The manufacturer claims that this weapon has an effective range of 2500 yards (2286 meters). Some other sources also say that in 2013, the Texas shooter Bilicarter was hit twice with a single-shot rifle measuring 3.3 by 6.3 meters from a distance of 3331 meters and set the record for the most successful shot in history. Could you register your name and my Saitek rifle?


The weapon is still equipped with a titanium muffler and a Night Force camera with 22x magnification. The M200 weighs about 14 kilograms, and the military version costs more than $ 30,000 with a damper, laser rangefinder, and bullet-proof computer. It is said that the Afghan army is currently using this sniper.


Snipers in the armies of the world are usually the most effective weapon in defeating the enemy. According to military experts, the M200 sniper rifle is a strategic weapon that can beat the enemy in the shortest possible time and limit their activities. Therefore, in contemporary world wars, snipers are more commonly known as angels of salvation and support for ground forces, and these forces are always referred to as enemy-breakers.


The Afghan army also uses the M200 sniper rifle on the battlefield, and this weapon is usually used more in the ranks of special forces and commandos.