The number of coronavirus infections in the world

The number of cases of COVID 19 in the world exceeded 52 million

Global reports show that the number of cases of COVID 19  in the world has reached 52 million 441 thousand 495 people.

According to the statistics of the world website (world meters) this morning (Saturday, November 12), the number of patients with COVID 19 worldwide has reached 52 million 441 thousand 495 people.

On the other hand, global statistics show that since the beginning of the spread of this deadly disease in the world, 36 million 687 thousand 958 people have recovered after contracting this disease.

It has also been published on the world meters site that 1,290,026 people have lost their lives due to coronary heart disease.

However, with the cooling of the climate, climate change has serious negative effects on human health by affecting food resources and reducing drinking water. But more seriously, these changes cause heavy casualties by activating the causes of deadly diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and malnutrition.

Most mothers and children in Afghanistan are at risk for these diseases. Especially in poor areas and villages, which have the capacity to cause climate-sensitive diseases, and also in these areas, the system is not regular and efficient in terms of health. Of these, malnutrition is the deadliest.