Covid-19 reached to 21 million in the world

According to global statistics: the number of instances of Covid-19 reached up to 20 million 544 thousand 838 people in the world.

The (world meters) site in the latest reports the number of patients with Covid-19 in the world is about (20,544,838).

The number of verifiers in the world is about (13,461,888) because It also seen in the world meters.

It turns out that Corona has taken the life of the world (746,366).

Patients with Covid-19 in the country reached the border (37,345), of which (26,694) have recovered (1,354) died disease.

Coronavirus patients in the USA in 2020

Vladimir Putin announced the world’s first vaccine for Corona, announcing that the vaccine had injected into one of his daughters.

The vaccine was unveiled by Russia at the Gamalia National Research Center and has received an official registration number from the Ministry of Health.

Center director of GNRC, Alexander Ginsburg, said, “This vaccine is based on adenovirus and contains the dead particles of Covid-19, which are unable to reproduce so therefore safe”.

Putin says tests of the vaccine have shown positive results, and all volunteers have immunized against the coronavirus.

Putin on Hospital
Russia President in Hospital

However, the health world organization recently said Importantly for Russia to observe the standards for making a vaccine.

Studies on the production of the corona vaccine in several countries around the world have continued.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has caused massive casualties worldwide, suspending all formal and informal activities around the world, and halting all commercial activities in several countries.

As a result: Poor or backward has caused many problems.