The old city of Baghlan fell to the Taliban

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Increasing the scope of the battle and the fall of the strategic points of the country one after another; In the latest case, reports from Baghlan province indicate that the old city of the province has fallen to the Taliban.


Local officials in Baghlan province say that the Taliban group captured the old city of the province last night without any clashes, and all government forces were forced to surrender to the Taliban.


According to security sources in Baghlan province: “Last night, the Taliban captured the sixth security district of the province without any clashes. All 120 security forces surrendered to the Taliban with all their types of equipment and military tools.»


The source also said that the Taliban have now moved near the second security district of the province and are trying to seize this area.


Meanwhile, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, wrote on his Twitter page that most of the central Baghlan region had been captured and that about 200 members of the security forces had surrendered to the Taliban with all their military equipment and several Humvee tanks.


Last night, Taliban fighters were able to seize the Burka district of the province without much resistance. The Taliban have stepped up their attacks in at least 20 provinces; Earlier, the Taliban offensive in Kandahar and Helmand had caused casualties and parts of the province to fall.


However, the Ministry of Defense and Interior emphasizes that they are fully prepared for any movement by the Taliban; Security officials summoned to the House of Representatives spoke of their ability to contain the Taliban in three months, but poor management and unprofessional leadership led to a continuing crisis in the country.


Army check-posts fall to Taliban in Ghazni city


However, parts of Ghazni city have been at war for at least three weeks between the Taliban and the Afghan security and defense forces. Recently, local officials in Ghazni say that a new check post of the Afghan army in the center of the province falls into the Taliban hand; the highlights of the sources that these check post had been under siege of Taliban for at least 20 days, and finally last night the insurgents were able to seize the check post, and all types of equipment and facilities were given to taliban.


Hassan Reza Yousefi, a member of the Ghazni Provincial Council, told the Pasbanan news agency on Thursday (May 7th): the Taliban pressurized this check post for almost 20 days. He emphasized that the check post was given to the Taliban after the forces could not send additional forces to the check-post.


Meanwhile, Amanullah Kamrani, another member of the Ghazni Provincial Council, said that six security personnel had been killed and 12 others had surrendered to the Taliban following the fall of a government checkpoint to the Taliban in the province.


Also last night, another government checkpoint in Deh Hamza village of Khaja Omari district of the province fell to the Taliban, but no details about the casualties are available yet.


Meanwhile, in Baghlan province, security officials announced the fall of the Burka district into the Taliban hands. Baghlan police spokesman Ahmad Jawaid Besharat told the media that the Taliban attacked the district on Wednesday night from several positions, but security forces retreated without any casualties and handed over the district to Taliban fighters.


However, Zabihullah Mujahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, wrote on his Twitter page that the group had seized the Burka district building, the police headquarters, and dozens of government checkpoints last night. He claimed that large quantities of weapons and military equipment of government forces had also fallen into the group’s hands.