The Physical and Philosophical Concept of Time:

Is it effective in passing the structure of time as light travels through space?

The light we always see from the galaxy was right 2.3 million years ago, but does the time of the journey go backward?

A supernova occurs in that galaxy that we can observe at the present moment, in fact, 2.3 million years ago. There are two times, now and 2.3 million years ago, what is the real-time of the explosion? The answer is clear. The time of the blast was 2.3 million years ago, but it will be seen later because the light in space travel takes time.

To better understand the problem, we will need to design another complementary example

Imagine a house that flows from upstream mountains.

But the water in the river is only a few days’ drives to reach the sea

We have two times, the source time and the destination time

But it is clear that river water takes time to travel across the river, so we face two different times at the source and destination.