The Ramadan Cup snooker competitions champion was determined today



Snooker is one of the most popular and prevalent games in Afghanistan. Every year during the holy month of Ramadan, Kabul witnesses a series of snooker competitions under the name of the Ramadan Cup. At the end of this year Ramadan Cup, for several continuous-time, Saleh Mohammad Mohammadi became the champion of Kabul snooker competitions Ramezan Cup.


The competition started four days ago in one of the clubs in Kabul snooker club and ended on the twentieth of Ramadan with Mr. Saleh Mohammad Mohammadi getting the first position of this champions cup. Snooker Federation launched the competition, and the objective was to improve the playing level of the players and participants in this champions cup.


Reports also state that the competition was held in 56 Categories in different groups with national team athletes in snooker, Kabul club players, Bagram district, and one athlete from Nangarhar province, and the competition lasted for four days.


As a result, Saleh Mohammad Mohammadi was able to defeat his fierce opponent, Raes Khan Sanzi, in the final game of this competition and win the Kabul Ramadan Champions Cup. With this defeat from Saleh, Raes Khan Sanzi became the runner-up in this round of competitions. On the other hand, Nader Rouhani and Murid Sanzi achieved the third and fourth places of these games, respectively, and Mahboub Shah Darabi, the Snooker federation president, and other high-ranking officials of Afghanistan sports awarded the players and winners.


At the closing ceremony of the competition, Mahboub Shah Darabi, President of the Afghan Snooker and Billiards Federation, encouraged and praised the players and supervised the activities and the way all the participants played. Mr. Darabi considers such competitions necessary in the growth and development of snooker and billiards games in the country. He emphasizes that this federation will try to send the best figures to world competitions by identifying the top figures on behalf of Afghanistan.


The snooker game has gained many fans in the big cities of the country in recent years. Moreover, this game has become popular among the youth of the country, but its online games have gained many fans.