The siege of the security forces in Kandahar’s Arghastan district

Afghanistan Mohammaddin AgharkhilMohammaddin Agharkhil Sunday May 9th, 2021 0 Views



As Taliban insurgent attacks spread to the southern provinces, especially Kandahar, reports from the province indicate that security forces have shown strong resistance to the weeks-long clashes and have been besieged by Taliban fighters for weeks. The reports indicate that currently, some forces are facing Dalai lama in Kandahar, as the resistance circle for them is getting tighter day by day.


Sources in Kandahar province say that dozens of Afghan National Army soldiers have been besieged by Taliban fighters after the fall of the Arghastan district in Kandahar province.


One of the soldiers told the Pasbanan News Agency that the sieged forces in Afghanistan did not have enough food and equipment to resist and continue their fighting against the Taliban in the district. “We were sent to help the forces based in Afghanistan district of Kandahar province several weeks ago, but the district fell to the Taliban.


So we also went to the border forces base to protect our lives,” said Ahmad Fawad, commander of the Public security forces in the siege of the Taliban in Afghanistan. “We have been displaced in this district, and we have been under siege for several weeks now. But, unfortunately, there is no food and no equipment; help us and send the backup forces immediately.


He added that these forces are under heavy siege by the Taliban and have nothing to eat. “The commander of the Public Security Forces also warns that if no reinforcements are sent to them soon, it is possible that the Taliban will capture all the troops at the border police base or they will be killed in case they resist against the Taliban fighters; in this district.”


Meanwhile, a credible security source from Kandahar confirmed to the Pasbanan News Agency that the pressure of the Taliban siege on the trapped soldiers has now been reduced, the source, who did not want to be named, told PMG News: “The Taliban have completely captured the Arghistan district in Kandahar province and the Taliban have killed the district police chief. Therefore, the situation in the district is completely worrying. “Military pressure on trapped soldiers has increased in the past few days, but today, it can be seen that the pressures have eased on them.”


The source added that the Taliban surrounded the border forces’ camp from all directions, and all land routes to the besieged forces in this base are blocked.


Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense is talking about efforts to free these soldiers. “The Ministry of Defense officials are fully aware of this incident, and soon this problem of the enclosed forces in Afghanistan, Kandahar, will be resolved,” Fawad Aman, the deputy spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, told PMG NEWS.


In recent weeks, the Taliban have stepped up their attacks in at least 20 provinces of the country to gain control of more territory. Earlier, the Afghan National Security Council adviser told media that the Taliban had used their last military means in recent weeks to overthrow the government, but during these clashes, at least 1000 Talib insurgents were killed.