O Allah, we have come to the sanctuary of Ramadan; It is as if we came from heaven to earth.

We have come to the table of the month of kindness and generosity; We have come to your door as sinners to ask for forgiveness.

There can be no doubt that the purpose of human creation is for worship.


Shadow moon of goodness and blessings!

For the revelation of the Holy Quran it and its unique features, it is the best among the months of the lunar year; The Holy Qur’an says: “Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed to guide human beings.” Prayer, fasting, and worship Obi Hamta; In this month, it reaches its peak and the mission, the angels, in the sanctity of this month, prostrate before God day and night and are entrusted to pray for the fasting people.

This month is in itself the month of the Lord’s feast for His servants and heaven, in this feast of God; After a month of reception, in the end, he gives enormous gifts to those who are fasting, without intermediaries, that all the gifts in the world do not reach the amount of one month.

The duties of this month, and the fulfillment of them by the servants of God, have made him unparalleled in pleasure, which can be manifested in the face of the daily.


Inner worship

Prayer is a manifestation of man’s servitude before God and how to pray and establish a heart relationship between oneself and God; It is one of the most important issues for the Muslims of the world.

Intent, to stand in the worship of the Creator and to seek the desires of servitude; There are Muslims in our veins that no human being denies.

God’s opportunity must begin with a few points!

– be patient

– Be honest

Have an inner and outer fast

– Be lovers

– Be honest

– Have a good hand

Be bound by your worship

Outward worship

What is apparent worship?

If you ask this question of twenty people; You will probably hear twenty different answers.

Your behaviors help build your reputation. Some people may be seen as selfish, greedy, or scary, others may seem like kind, generous and humble friends. Your reputation creates opportunities that promote you in life.

Outward worship is more difficult than inward worship.

The principles of the life of all human beings are based on its apparent behavior. Worshiping with the intention of being pure, looking with respectful eyes, speaking with a sweet tongue, being kind and all.

In outward worship, he put a few points among his habits!

– Be positive

– Be generous

– Keep your eyes, tongue, and ears in control

– Be kind and have a good hand

Be in control of your breath

– Start respecting children

Prioritize patience and forgiveness


A window to heaven opened, closed to Satan!

Thank you, my Lord, for giving us another chance to make the mistakes we have made; We apologize.

This holy month; We did not enter our houses empty; A souvenir brought by the Almighty God is called the “Ramadan table” which is full of rewards and rewards, which are the right of those fasting people who open the valley of Judean in the name of God and close it in the name of God.

It is good that because of these luminaries, every day is like the month of Ramadan and our whole being is fasting.

So this is worship!

– Fereshteh Mahboobi is a freelance journalist