The Taliban see the military option as a precondition for coming to power

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The escalation of the war has now proved that Pakistan has deceived the Americans. Withdrawing from Afghanistan has marked the most considerable failed experience of history after its most extended presence in Afghanistan. A Pentagon spokesman believes the Taliban can end the war in Afghanistan by using the military option. With 90 percent of US troops withdrawing from Afghanistan, the United States has made a more significant decision. Still, the Taliban, despite their beliefs and commitments under the 2020 peace agreement, have reiterated Afghanistan, said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. Thus, another bitter experience has been forced.


“It is now clear to us that the Taliban have set up their governance plan and that this plan has been set up at the national level. It is clear from the group’s actions that the Taliban still believe that a military option is the right solution for Ending Afghanistan’s long-running conflict has also made the dream of gaining power for the Taliban even bolder. By challenging or dominating districts, the group seeks to prove that they are a good alternative to the Afghan system. are.” John Kirby made the remarks at the end of General Scott Miller’s most extended mission in Afghanistan. He formally handed over the US troop withdrawal mission to his successor, General Frank Mackenzie, and subsequently the four-star general. The US military will be tasked with overseeing the withdrawal of remaining US troops from its Florida office.


Earlier, the Jobaden administration announced that US troops’ withdrawal would be completed by August 31, 2021, eleven days before the previously announced US timetable for all US and foreign forces on September 11, 2021, in Afghanistan. Thus, the symbolic withdrawal of General Miller from Afghanistan marked an extended end to the longest war in American history. “This marks a significant step forward in the transfer of our responsibilities in Afghanistan, but this is not the end of the matter. This is the end of a season. You (Afghans) can go on,” said General Frank Mackenzie, Miller’s successor. “Count on our continued cooperation in the difficult and dangerous days ahead. We will understand you.”


The withdrawal of US troops is nearing completion. Still, as the Taliban expand their operations, battlefield reports on Monday showed that the group had taken control of 212 districts and taken control of the area. In addition, 116 other districts expand their attacks. Findings by Bill Roggio of the Department of Defense and Democracy show that the Afghan government currently controls only 70 districts. Given the Taliban’s progress, Joe Biden last week strongly defended his decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, stressing that Afghanistan would never fall and that the Taliban had not been able to take control of the country.


The continuing violence in Afghanistan has alarmed the United States, as Washington knows it may have made big mistakes with its subsequent decision. Yet, Biden believes the US should eventually leave Afghanistan and take responsibility for the future. Afghanistan should be left to the citizens of this country. At the same time, speculation is rife that Afghanistan in 2021 is not in the same situation as Dr. Najib’s regime in 1989. It is believed that popular support for the republican system emphasizes preserving 20 years of achievements. It shows that this country will not go backward. Military intelligence suggests that in the current critical situation, Afghans may have the most difficult experiences in the coming weeks, but this is a quick process, and a solution will soon be found to end the crisis.


While the Taliban insist on accepting their primary conditions of releasing 7,000 prisoners, removing the Taliban leaders from the UN blacklist, and establishing an Islamic system in Afghanistan, the Taliban are believed to be in a position to do so. Has indirectly put Pakistan’s interests on the table, and the group is trying to secure the interests of its 20-year-old host in the country in any way possible. In such a situation, it is suggested that the central government of Afghanistan should further strengthen popular mobilizations and that the ground be prepared for these forces to face the Taliban. The Taliban have also believed that any action against popular uprisings will prolong the war in Afghanistan, so the group is giving the green light to accepting peace talks to achieve the desired results. Earn more points now and figure out the interests of themselves and their supporters on the battlefield.