The United States has conditioned the complete withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan

Author: Mohammad Kasra

As the Afghan-Afghan peace talks enter their fifth day, the Secretary of State has told the media that the full withdrawal of US troops in 2021 is conditional on the fulfillment of three conditions by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Mike Pompeo said that the peace process was moving in the right direction. The continuation of this process would allow the complete withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in the spring of 2021, but that this would require three conditions. It is from the Kabul government and the Taliban.

The US Secretary of State has set out the conditions as follows: That terrorist groups, especially al-Qaeda, should not be allowed to engage in terrorist activities on Afghan soil, for which the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban are responsible.

  1. 2. the second issue is that the United States wants the two sides to participate in peace talks between Afghans truly. Hence, the Secretary of State believes that the mere physical presence of negotiating representatives in the peace talks is not enough, but that both sides have to make practical efforts to achieve peace. He said the third condition is the responsibility of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban to act responsibly to prevent any sabotage that would disrupt the peace process. He also said that the United States would monitor and measure compliance with these conditions.

Pompeo also stated that there are some accepted criteria for the fight against terrorism, which are sometimes clearly stated and the United States reviews the actions and if there is sufficient compliance in this regard, the President of the United States in relation to The complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan will make the final decision.

According to the US Secretary of State, President Trump is currently pursuing two goals: the first goal is to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan and return them to their homes. The second goal is to ensure the national security of that country, which is another goal for him.

He cited the issue of forming a future government in Afghanistan and an agreement on the division of power as the focus of peace talks between Afghans. He said that these two issues could also be a significant challenge to the peace process.

If we look a little at Mr. Pompeo, we can take two different interpretations of it. With such statements, he wants to end the war in Afghanistan and seeks an excuse to lay the groundwork for the complete withdrawal of his forces from Afghanistan.

On the other hand, it can be argued that the United States had confronted the two sides with conditions of peace that are not in line with their morale. For example, is it possible for the Taliban, who have fought for years in a position with al-Qaeda against US allies, to face the terrorist group to qualify for concessions? It may be justified in a pragmatic sense, but it would not be easy to accept this view given the Taliban’s history. So I think the United States wants to indirectly continue its military presence in Afghanistan by making such statements and statements, which is not in line with the Taliban.

The United States, meanwhile, has set new conditions for the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, emphasizing that it assesses and measures the extent to which the two sides adhere to the terms set by them. While many believe the terms are vague, some experts say the United States is working to violate the Qatar agreement and prevent the complete withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.