The war in Afghanistan is completely forbidden and fratricidal

Author: Jamshid Arash

The Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar, Egypt, recently issued a fatwa on the war in Afghanistan, calling it haram and fratricidal, although Islamic scholars, including the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, have repeatedly called the war in Afghanistan haram. However, the Taliban insisted on continuing their killings and in many cases increased them, indicating that the group did not believe in religious values ​​and did not respect the fatwas of the ulema, but that it was in the interests of neighboring countries to determine them. And they do their homework and determine its limits and limitations.

As the Taliban are divided into different factions, a number of them are fighting for the interests of the countries that support them and are taking money and facilities from them in exchange for the war, as the American media recently revealed that the Taliban are killing everyone. American soldiers receive large sums of money from Russia, or a number of the Taliban are funded and supported by Pakistan and others by Iran, and work in the interests of these countries, but others unknowingly fight for them in Pakistani religious schools have been told by their professors, all members of the ISI, that Afghanistan is occupied and jihad is supposed to end the occupation. Since in the first; Afghanistan is not an occupied country, but foreign forces have entered the country under the auspices of the UN Security Council to pursue al-Qaeda terrorists, not as occupying forces. Secondly, the Taliban leaders have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Americans, according to which no foreign forces and no bases of these forces will be targeted by the group’s armed attacks, so the war against them is practically forbidden, so the current war in The country is not jihad but brotherhood and it is not allowed, therefore; This fatwa could be a way forward for those Taliban who are deceived by the propaganda of the regional intelligence agencies and in the name of jihad, killing the Afghan people and destroying public facilities, because the Taliban declared their war jihad from the beginning. And in this way, he launched a wide-ranging campaign to gain a foothold among the masses and to encourage people to support themselves.

Since the Afghan society is religious and its people are mostly Muslims, they consider the defense of religious values ​​as one of their religious duties, and whenever the group or institution considers itself a defender of religion, the Taliban are welcomed by the people. This opportunity has been used effectively to cover up war and crime and to deceive people. Now that the Grand Mufti of Al-Azhar has called the war forbidden and fratricidal, it seems that the Taliban have lost their religious image and cannot commit crimes in the name of religion, so people will hate this group. They will be known as a group of deceivers, and those Taliban who had been deceived by the propaganda of their leaders and joined their ranks, will understand the truth of the war in Afghanistan, will separate themselves from others and will lay down their weapons.

As a result, such fatwas can be used to end the war in Afghanistan or reduce violence, and the ongoing war in the country will lose its religious image.

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