Thirty pleasant points from Surah Yusuf

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1 It is easier for people who have tasted and felt the sweetness and joy of faith to endure the most severe tortures than to sin.

2 Never feel needless of God Almighty because no one can be needless of Him

3. Obey the Almighty when you are happy and blessed, not to be ignored under challenging times.

4 The appearance of sin is beautiful and pleasing, but the truth of sin is ugly, anxious, and deprives man of peace of mind and body.

5 Man’s prayer will never go unanswered before God, provided he has provided the conditions for prayer to be answered.

6 Strive to be grateful and grateful to the blessed minority for the blessings of the Lord, the color of the ungrateful majority is not perfection.

7 Following the practice of the righteous past is the method of the elect.

8 Do not forget that before you are endowed with any worldly duty, the great mission of theology and invitation to it is entrusted to you.

9 No rational logic accepts polytheism; it is the distance from the truth and the unwillingness to understand it that keeps man in this delusion and misconception.

10 Most people follow their leader’s and leaders’ thinking, behavior, and actions, so strive to be a competent role model as a leader.

11 Ignorance is the most fundamental factor behind faith and divine oneness.

12 Golestan becomes a prison with thought and purpose.

13 There can be no evidence, proof, and proof to prove the existence of a god other than God Almighty in the working universe because the Creator of the universe has only given meaning to the argument based on the proof of monotheism and monotheism.

14. Keeping morals and good behavior with others in the most challenging conditions is one of the attributes of divine prophets.

15 One of the works of Satan is to forget the goodness of others in one’s life.

16 Liberation from the prison of the soul and the devil, which is drowning in the mire of disobedience to God Almighty, requires great patience and perseverance.

17 When a man is perfect, he will find a customer and a buyer.

18 Interpret dreams and dreams positively to be inspiring.

19 The truth can be revealed, even if it is delayed.

20 Positive Points of Life If they are strong, they cover the opposing sides.

21 Do not deprive others of the perfection you have received.

22 Always pick up a stone that you can handle.

23 strives to persevere and be behind the work of his comrade.

24 Behind every difficulty is ease, so with great impatience, do not double the problem.

25 To fulfill the great mission of invitation, the stains must be removed from your skirt.

26 The truth and falsehood of the claims become apparent in the field of action.

27 Even if no one understands you, God Almighty will not leave you because He knows everything and knows everyone.

28 It isn’t easy, to be honest, but it has a refreshing result.

29 The house of betrayal is weak and short.

30 Never forget the tolerance of the grace of the truth in front of you. God Almighty does not make excuses to torment. If so, none of us will be saved from disgrace.