Three dangerous challenges for human beings that must be avoided

Three dangerous challenges for human:

“Unfortunately, many people realize their lost happiness after falling into misery,” says Bertrand Russell.

This statement of the British philosopher-logician is entirely related to the present state of the people. After the advances in the field of powerful nuclear devices and technology, human life took on a different face and the days passed without real pleasure for them, which caused the same slow life for humans as the past life with mud houses without technological devices, before for Let them be sweet.

Unfortunately, most people, as they progressed and became capitalists, their financial desires and interests increased, they created various bad systems, and their dissatisfaction led them to use all the facilities and mines of the land. Along with the unhealthy competition, war and violence brought an unfortunate end to the whole world. There are currently three major challenges (environmental, nuclear competition, and technological disruption) to the extinction of the human race.


The environmental challenge is the first major threat

Climate change (global warming) is a threat that humans are currently facing and is likely to worsen in the near future. Global warming from human activities, especially in the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, dramatically alters the overuse of terrestrial resources and the burning of more earth’s air. According to researchers in the field, if we do not significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next twenty years, the global average temperature will rise to 6.3 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, wider deserts and icy peaks disappear, ocean waters rise, agricultural production is disrupted and cities are submerged, making most of the world uninhabitable and forcing hundreds of millions of migrants to seek new homes. This issue was recorded in the political radars of 1964; Environmental collapse.

It is a matter of concern that from 2018, instead of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, its global emissions are increasing. Humans have very little time to stop consuming fossil fuels, and we must enter the quitting phase today.

Nuclear rivalries, the second enemy of mankind

In the past, the powerful nations, with a new international and global order, have nurtured an unprecedented period of peace, thus averting nuclear war and reducing all forms of war and violence. But unfortunately, we are so used to this achievement that we no longer appreciate it, which is why people allow themselves to play with fire. Russia and the United States have recently launched a new nuclear arms race, and with the expansion of end-of-life machines, they are bringing us back to the brink of nuclear destruction.


Technology disruption, the third most dangerous challenge

Digital tools attract us with the aim of making it easier, but if we look at the issue from another dimension, we conclude that this tool, along with the good, leads to more negatives and a lot of human tendency to it can have negative consequences. Today’s technology tools have distracted our minds as we do nothing for real human intelligence, instead of trying to reinforce artificial intelligence and think that it has worked for human progress. While the issue is exactly something else. Some have also used the tools of technology to give it a political and dictatorial aspect and are trying to take a series of political-economic measures to secure their personal interests. Every year, many devices sell technology to us at a great cost and make us very entertained. Also, in order for us to be able to use this tool continuously, we have to update this tool after a while by paying a certain amount of money. Continuation of this situation makes man submissive to digital dictatorship, and when the tools of technology give power to man, man suffers mortal suffering such as irrelevance and ineffectiveness.

Result; Global problems need global answers

People struggled to establish national divisions because they faced challenges that could not be solved on their own. The three major global challenges we are discussing require global solutions. A country alone cannot do anything. We must adhere to international values ​​instead of national values. Our goal should be to make the earth a safe place for all. For example, to address the environmental challenge, each country must implement a range of environmental policies. Governments can tax carbon dioxide emissions, increase external costs at the expense of oil and gas, cut subsidies to polluting industries, and also spend more money on research and development of revolutionary environmentally friendly technology than on new efficient, fossil-free technology. Take its place. In general, everything must be done globally.

On the other hand, serious measures should be taken by powerful countries to solve the challenge of the IAEA nuclear competition and to prevent nuclear war. The two previous world wars experienced that violence and destruction of each other is not a sign of power. The most powerful regimes that conquered everywhere and destroyed everyone in order to show their power finally overthrew themselves. So war and violence cannot be demonstrated; There are many positive aspects to empowerment. Instead of spending a lot of money on building and using advanced nuclear bombs, it might be appropriate to use that money in a positive way to bring peace and human convenience when we are effective against another nation and a large number of people. It is a kind of show of strength.

In addressing the challenges of technological disruption, Yuval Noah Harari, a well-known professor of human history, in his third famous book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, suggests valuable solutions. And in his book he wrote; “For every dollar and every minute we invest in improving artificial intelligence, it is wise to spend every dollar and every minute on improving human consciousness. Unfortunately, we are not doing much research right now on research into human consciousness and ways to expand it.”

To summarize the discussion of my article, I will write briefly; When a person can be loyal to his family, his neighbor, his job, and his nation at the same time. So why not add humans and the planet to this list? In my opinion, globalization is a good phenomenon and it ends for the good of all human beings. In general, to solve these challenges, if serious action is not taken by the world, we will all reach a point of collapse.


Author: Farshad Omari