Traffic accident in Paghman left 77 killed and injured

Afghanistan محمد نبی کریمیمحمد نبی کریمی Tuesday April 27th, 2021 0 Views

Seven people were killed and 70 others were injured in a traffic accident in the Paghman district of Kabul province, security officials said.

Tariq Arian, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, told the media today (Tuesday 30 April): “Seven occupants of the 404 vehicles were killed and 70 others were injured when two 404 passenger cars collided in the Arghandi area of ​​Paghman district. “Among the victims and injured in this traffic accident are women and children.”

Mr. Arian added that the police and medical teams intervened in a timely manner and transferred the injured to medical centers in Maidan Shahr, the capital of Maidan Wardak province.

While the authorities in the country say that the cause of such traffic accidents is the carelessness of drivers, but the lack of width and damage to the roads are also considered as other causes of traffic accidents in the country.

In addition to armed conflicts, traffic accidents are another factor that kills hundreds of people in the country every year.

 Taliban faced a heavy casualty during an airstrike in Ghazni

As Taliban violence escalates and the group refuses to go to the peace talks, the Ministry of Defense says that during an airstrike of the Afghan airforce, at most minuscule 25 insurgents have been killed and wounded in the past 24 hours.

In the latest case, after the fall down of an army check post in Arezoo village located in the third security district of Ghazni city, which was handed over between the government forces and the Taliban insurgents yesterday, the Ministry of Defense now says that as a result of these airstrikes on the positions and hideouts of Taliban 15 Taliban insurgents have been killed in the village.

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) wrote in a press release on Sunday (May 12th): “As a result of the airstrikes on Taliban positions in the Arezoo village in third security district of Ghazni, 15 Taliban fighters were killed, and 10 others were killed. “The group was wounded.

The ministry’s newsletter also states that the amount of ammunition and weapons of the Taliban fighters were utterly destroyed during the operation.

Yesterday, 29 soldiers in Ghazni were besieged by the Taliban for weeks, but after 15 days of siege and lack of assistance, they were forced to hand over all their equipment to the armed opposition. Sources in Ghazni say Taliban militants have been shot dead at least two soldiers during the surrender process.

But Mohammad Yassin Zia, the army chief of staff, told a news conference yesterday: “The number of troops stationed at this checkpoint was 17, and these forces were affiliated with the three institutions of the Army, the Police, and National Directorate Security.” He added that the fall of the checkpoint would not pose a “severe problem” for the government.

Meanwhile, Ghazni governor’s spokesman Wahidullah Jumazadeh told media that air and ground operations had been launched to clear Arezoo village from the presence of Taliban fighters. However, he stressed that the operation would continue until the area is completely cleared.