United States assistance $ 266 million to Afghanistan

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The United States Secretary of State says his country is expected to provide about $ 266 million in aid to Afghanistan shortly.

United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinkin wrote on his Twitter page on Friday (June 14th): “His country is expected to provide about $ 266 million in assistance to the IDPs and the needy shortly.

Mr. Blinken said the US $ 266 million in aid to Afghanistan was a clear example of the United States’ deep commitment to a peaceful and sustainable Afghanistan, adding that the return of Afghan refugees, refugees, and displaced persons had been a priority for many years.

At the same time, he called on the Afghan government and the Taliban to step up their efforts to reach a political agreement and a ceasefire so that displaced persons and refugees can return to their homes. With the announcement of a new $ 266 million package, total US humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan has reached $ 3.9 billion since 2002.

On the 25th of this year, US President Jubaiden announced that he would withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan by “September 11” this year before withdrawing all US troops from May 1 this year. There were 2,500 in Afghanistan.


Local News


A Power station in Bagram of Kabul demolished by a bomb

Breshna Company reports explosion of electricity pole in Robot area of ​​Bagram district

“Last night, an imported electricity base in Rabat area of ​​Bagram district of Kabul province was destroyed by two mines,” the Breshna Power Company wrote in a newsletter.

“The third mine planted by the opposition to completely destroy the power base was fortunately discovered and defused by the police,” it said.

The country’s electricity company also added: “Imported electricity has not been disrupted following these explosions. “And the construction work on it has started today.”

On the other hand, the company has asked the people and security forces to help the Afghan Electricity Company in protecting the electricity facilities.

As the destruction of power plants intensifies in recent months, the company, which imports all of its electricity from neighboring countries to Afghanistan, is seen as a convenient target for anti-government insurgents.

Afghanistan imports electricity from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Iran. Electricity from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan travels from the northern provinces to the capital and other parts of the country. Breshna says Afghanistan now relies about 80 percent on imported electricity from neighboring countries.

The amount of electricity generated inside Afghanistan provides only about 19% of the country’s needs. Four percent of domestic production comes from thermal and renewable energy plants and the rest from hydropower.

Normally, Afghanistan imports 450 megawatts of electricity from Uzbekistan, which cuts off electricity transmission towers to Afghanistan and cuts off several Afghan cities in the dark.