US double game in peace process with Afghan government

The United States is made up of three main factions in the Afghan peace process (the Afghan government, the Taliban, and the United States) and plays its role in three paradoxes. The paradox of continuing relations and cooperation with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the paradox of legitimizing the Taliban and leading them to the peace process and using them as a tool, the paradox of maintaining the position and strengthening the interests of the United States in this process. But among these three paradoxes that can be criticized, paradox is the continuation of relations and cooperation with the Government of Afghanistan, which the country has continued through double games with the Government of Afghanistan. This means that 135 days have passed since the peace agreement between the country and the Taliban, but there is no change in the leadership of the group’s view on the inter-Afghan peace process and the reduction of violence on the battlefield, but at the same time Zalmai Khalilzad For the Peace of Afghanistan, he tweeted that significant progress had been made in the release of Taliban prisoners and the inter-Afghan negotiating team, and that no Americans had lost their lives in the Taliban violence. According to Mr. Zalmai Khalilzad, the United States has reached an equal agreement. The United States has increased its troop numbers from five bases to 8,600 since the signing of a peace agreement with the Taliban. NATO has also stated that it will decide to reduce its forces as US troops dwindle. The next stage of the peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban, according to Mr. Zalmai Khalilzad, is still based on the realization of the conditions. Now, given the policies of the United States in the Afghan peace process, it can be seen that in this process, before acting in accordance with the Kabul-Washington Declaration on the peace process, Afghanistan has acted unilaterally and played a double role in The Afghan government is playing a role, meaning that under the peace agreement, the Taliban had pledged to reduce violence and start inter-Afghan talks as soon as possible, but it was later revealed that the group had violated the agreement with the United States. The United States has intensified its war, escalating violence and making inter-Afghan talks conditional on the release of its prisoners. More than 4,000 prisoners have been released. No progress has been made on the peace process and the start of inter-Afghan talks. It was not created in the true sense of the word to the satisfaction of the Afghan government. But on the contrary, the United States speaks of progress because in this process, according to the wishes of the United States, the commitments have been fulfilled in accordance with its interests. According to Zalmai Khalilzad, no American soldiers have been killed in 135 days since the agreement. So this is a great achievement for the United States and what the United States has been emphasizing, but in the 135 days since the peace agreement between the country and the Taliban, more than 800 civilians and soldiers have been killed by the Taliban. The group shows that in this agreement, it is only the United States that has benefited, not the Afghan government, and this is because the United States has not been honest in its commitment to the people of Afghanistan. Zalmai Khalilzad promises the beginning of the second phase of fulfilling the commitments with the Taliban, but the fact is that the country also has its obligations to the Afghan government in accordance with the joint declaration of Kabul and Washington. According to the statement, if the Taliban do not reduce the violence, the United States will take the necessary measures. But no significant action has been taken to reduce the violence. The United States, on the other hand, praises the Taliban for fulfilling their commitments. US policy shows that this paradoxical country has strengthened the protection of US interests and is working harder for the Taliban to implement it. The withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and the instrumental use of this Taliban group against its political rivals and the abandonment of Afghanistan with its dual policies are the focus of the country’s interest’s day and night, which the country is pursuing, but in accordance with its commitments. Afghanistan has not acted and what it is doing is the result of its dual policy towards the Afghan government.