Venders or victims of Coronavirus: How do they spend their days and nights?

Ministry of Health: Constraints should be imposed in Kabul, otherwise we will see a humanitarian catastrophe in the capital!

Interior Ministry: From tomorrow, the ministry is obliged to fully quarantine the city of Kabul. If the citizens do not take this action seriously, the police will take them seriously.

Government: The government cooperates with families in need during quarantine days, and those families who are suffering from economic problems will be provided with raw materials.

But what will poverty do to people…?

Poverty and rare are one of the main causes of concern for the people. There are also people in this land who, if they do not work for a day, will not have bread for their dinner table. Shopkeepers, venders, poor people and a number of people in the country and around the world are worried and say that if they go out, the coronavirus will kill them, if they stay at home and do not work in one day, they will starve to death.

I went to the city and looked around the city to find out from the vendors and people who could find 300 to 500 Afghanis a day, what they are doing now with quarantine in the country, especially in their capital, and how they are making money. There is no one in the market, and like in the past, when thousands of people came out of the city and the heat was everywhere, it has become another city that you think no one lives here. Except for the people who have Karachi in their hands and look in every direction to find someone and sell their property so that they can take a loaf of bread home for the night.

The government has said it has compiled a list of the country’s poorest citizens and is ready to help. Pictures have already surfaced on social media that the government has donated 2 to 4 kilograms of wheat to poor and needy people for each family, prompting much criticism. A number of people in the capital have called the donation an insult to the people and called on the government not to steal the rights of the poor and needy and to hand over the right to its rightful owners. Vahid Omar, an adviser to the president, was summoned to the House of Representatives to respond to such donations, saying it was only a test. The president’s adviser’s remarks were widely criticized by members of parliament, who called government lawmakers thieves and poor people.

It is now clear that the government has no plans to help the needy. However, the poor citizens of the country are worried about such a situation.

“We are aware of the coronavirus, and we know that all the developed countries in the world have failed and are failing to make the vaccine or the drug Cuid 19,” said Kabul vendors. We are witnessing the spread of this virus in Kabul day by day, which has caused countless casualties to this day. But what can we do? We can’t be at home, and if we leave the house to find our money day and night, we will be insulted and beaten by the police. They want the government to help them stay home.

“Government promises of cooperation to poor families in the early days of quarantine, but these promises were not more than a myth for us by the government, and their words are less than what they said,” the capital’s vendors said of the government’s cooperation. That was it. ”

“The Corona virus has no cure, but it happens at home,” said Sharif, one of the capital’s vendors. In the early days of quarantine, I stayed at home. As the days went by, I saw my children die 19,000 times at home and became alive again every day when I saw that my children were incapacitated and hungry. “It was very difficult and we had to break the coffin and do our day-to-day work so that I could go back to my wife and children with a piece of bread at night.”

Vendors: “Staying at home hunger kills us, if we go out of home Corona will kill us”

written by: shekib zaheer