Violence with Afghans Friendship with foreigners

The Taliban consider the basis of their war to be Islamic and have continued and intensified the war in Afghanistan with the theory that Afghanistan is occupied by the United States. This scenario has been going on for about two decades with the same theory of thinking. The result of such Taliban thinking has been the continuation of war, violence, the killing of civilians and the destruction of government facilities and the realization of foreign policies of foreign countries, especially Pakistan. But the main question is whether the Taliban really claim the theory of Islamic Jihad in the country or the proxy soldiers of Pakistan, the new strategic allies of the United States and the nuts and bolts of Russia, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia and Qatar? This article tries to answer the above question.

There is no doubt that the Taliban consider Islam to be the basis of their thinking, but there is ample doubt as to how much the group has acted in accordance with Islam itself. This means that the Taliban call themselves Mujahideen and claim jihad against the United States, but in reality, the jihad that this group is carrying out is the result of the policy formulated by foreign countries, on which this group operates. To put it more clearly, the Taliban have now intensified the war against the Afghan security forces in an unprecedented way, calling it jihad, while jihad against the forbidden Muslims and those who commit such acts is called a garden and deserves it. They are punished. However, this group has continued its war against the Muslim security forces of the Afghan government, while they consider the basis of their war to be war with foreigners, but now they have pledged friendship with these foreigners to guide this group behind the gates of paradise.. Therefore, due to the continuation of violence by this group and the lack of reduction of this violence, despite the secrets of the Afghan government and its international allies in order to achieve lasting peace in the country, this group has no commitment to Islamic values and They did not have a world, but used these values as tools to achieve the goals of foreigners in their homeland, to continue the war with the security forces and to start a strategic friendship with the United States. Foreigners such as Russia, Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are examples, while jihadists never enter into a deal with infidels and never place their land at the center of foreign policy laboratories of foreign countries, but vice versa. The Taliban have had the upper hand in doing so, and have justified any of their actions as religious, despite the fact that their wrongdoing was against the sacred religion of Islam and Afghan values. But now it can be seen that this group has been good members of the countries in the region from the past until now, and now, in addition to doing good work for some countries in the region, they have also started working for the United States, as claimed by President Donald Trump. The United States has recently strengthened its position by saying that the Taliban have been hired by the United States for a long time to fight for American interests. The Taliban, as we have said, in addition to fighting the interests of the United States, have made fighting the interests of Pakistan a priority. Not only do they intervene, but they also use allied terrorist groups to achieve Pakistan’s goals. Not only to pursue Pakistani interests within Afghanistan, but also to use violence to realize the country’s historical interests in regional affairs inside Afghanistan. For example, the Taliban are reportedly trying to identify and kill a number of Indian embassy diplomats in Kabul by recruiting a number of Haqqani network operatives for money. This action shows that this group obeys the Pakistani spy network in order to overcome Pakistan in its historical conflict with India. This is just an example of the group playing on behalf of Pakistan. The group has also directly or indirectly played games of interest for all the countries mentioned above, and they want to impose these games more violently and call it jihad, but the reality is the same. The Taliban are said to be an insurgent militant group that fights for the interests of others and does so for money, from where they justify their actions religiously to ensure their survival.