Wahid Majroh: 9800 people died of tuberculosis

Coinciding with World Tuberculosis Day, officials at the Afghan Ministry of Public Health say about 73,000 people have contracted tuberculosis in the country over the past year.

“In 2020, more than 50,000 tuberculosis patients were diagnosed and treated, and about 9,800 of them have died,” Dr. Wahid Majrooh, acting head of the Ministry of Public Health, told a news conference on Wednesday.

Mr. Majrooh added that tuberculosis is one of the ten major causes of deadly diseases globally and said that the purpose of celebrating this day is to eradicate tuberculosis in Afghanistan and appreciate the work and efforts of health workers and international partners in this regard. Have cooperated.

He also stressed that the development of health centers, the development of diagnostic methods, and the use of “Gen Expert” technology to identify patients with tuberculosis and coronavirus in Afghanistan had been essential achievements of the Ministry of Public Health against tuberculosis.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health announced in a newsletter the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry and the US Embassy in Kabul. Under the memorandum, signed by Vahid Majrooh and Ross Wilson, Acting US Embassy, the United States will provide financial and technical assistance to Afghanistan’s health sector to fight against tuberculosis for the next five years.

Appreciating the assistance and cooperation of international health partners, including the United States, the Acting Minister of Public Health also promised to distribute US financial assistance to the provinces, districts, and villages in need transparently and equitably.

Every year since March 24, World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated around the world. The Afghan Ministry of Public Health has celebrated this day with the slogan, “Time is running out, let’s take care of every TB patient.”

Corona is a very dangerous and deadly virus that started in China in 2020 and continues to spread around the world.

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi