Wahid Omar: Details of the USA withdrawal plan are expected to be shared with the Afghan government

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Following the announcement of the USA’s decision to withdraw from Afghanistan on September 11, Wahid Omar, the president’s public relations and strategic adviser, said that President Joe Biden is expected to discuss the details of the new exit plan with President Ghani. Do not partner in the near future.

President Biden is expected to hold talks with President Ghani in the near future to formally discuss the details of the new withdrawal plan,” Omar said, noting that the USA withdrawal plan has been discussed many times in the past by the Afghan and

Wahid Omar

US governments. Share. “Until then, we will not discuss the details.”

With this in mind, the Afghan government respects any decision the USA government makes regarding its forces.”

The President’s Advisor on Public and Strategic Affairs goes on to say that the Afghan Security and Defense Forces have been defending with high morale for the past two years and have recently been conducting 98% of operations independently.

The remarks come amid reports that the withdrawal of USA troops has been delayed until September this year.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mohammad Naeem Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, tweeted that the group would

not attend any decision-making meeting on Afghanistan until all foreign troops had left the country.

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The Taliban reacted to the delay in withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan

The Taliban have said in connection with the delay in the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan that they will not attend any peace talks on Afghanistan until all foreign troops have left.

Mohammad Naeem, Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: “Unless all foreign forces leave the country, the group will not take part in any decision-making meeting on Afghanistan.” »

The Taliban’s decision came after the United States announced that its forces would be in Afghanistan until September, and the US decision angered the Taliban.

The Taliban had previously warned that if foreign troops did not leave the country in May, they would reconsider attacking foreign troops, and blamed the United States.

The Istanbul-Turkey Summit for the Peace of Afghanistan was scheduled to take place on April 16 under the chairmanship of Turkey, the United Nations, and Qatar, and reports suggested that the meeting would discuss the future of the system, the division of power, and the creation of a participatory government. The Taliban had previously said they were not prepared to attend the April 16 summit in Turkey, but have now rejected it outright.

It is also said that with this decision of the Taliban group, the Turkish summit, which was organized for Afghanistan with the great efforts of the United States of America, has completely failed.