What is gameplay and why are young people so interested in it today?

PUBGI MOBILE PUBG MOBILE is a free online game for Android and ASUS mobile platforms. This game is a mobile version of the popular game Pabji that has been released for platforms (Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 2). The game was developed by Light Speed ​​and Quantum and Pabaji by Anriel 2 Motorbike and was released on February 2, 2009, by Tencent on Google Play and App Store.

This game has Battle Royal modes, mass killing similar to the Counterterror mode, zombie or cannibal mode, and so on. This game comes in two versions (Army attack) or Lightweight Mobile Pabji, made by Timi and PUBG: Exhilarating Battlefield or the original version (Lightweight Mobile) that is baking at Lightspeed and Quantum Studios.

The official ports of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds were originally released in China only as a trial. But because of the success of the game despite the Chinese language, over seventy-five million people signed up to experience mobile versions of the game from all over the world, regardless of the game. And for one reason only: Pabji’s official ports on mobile were beyond the audience’s reach. Pubg came as a surprise to PCs and moved many records. The popularity of the demo version of the game was soon followed by a worldwide release of the game in English and other languages ​​on Google Play and AppStore on February 1, 2009. The game has already been downloaded over 2 million times on both platforms.

The gameplay of this game is similar to other versions of Pubg. With differences optimized for touch screens. This game has several modes. The popular mode of the game, called Royal Battle, leaves 100 players single, double, triple and quadruple unmanned by air to a deserted island where there is combat equipment. Players have to kill each other by finding the equipment and win at the end of the group or the person who survives. There are other modes of play that fall under the category of the Royal Battle, which can be played with differences. There is a fast race, a small area and so on. Another game mode, called TeamDeath Match, is a similar situation to the Counter game where four groups face off against four groups and have to kill each other in three minutes. In the end, any team that scores the most points wins. Another mode is a zombie game where you and a few people face up to the zombies and you have to eliminate them. If the zombies hit you, you will become a zombie. At the end of each group, the loser is the loser and the other loser.

Why are teens and youngsters so busy today in games?

This is not the first time children, teens, young people, and even adults have been keen on games being marketed by game makers. Especially in Afghanistan, where young people and teens spend more time playing computer games and games than anything else. Previously, other popular and popular games, such as the Cologne Clash, the 8 Ball Pool, the Royal Clash, and Ledo King are still widely used by people and even families. But the question is why do young people spend their money on games that aren’t right?

Fortunately, the games can always be activated and played on the Internet by the game’s marketers. This is a huge revenue for game makers and Internet companies.

Do mobile and computer games keep young people out of school and in their lives?

The question is, how long will young people stay behind in their studies using a computer and computer games? Afghanistan, a country that is still struggling with different wars after 30 years of war, despite the significant progress we have made over the past 19 years, but today it is still seen that young people’s interest in reading and reading books is still a problem. It’s our way. Looking at every bookstore in the capital and the provinces there is little to no interest in reading and reading except for a few young people.

So what is our responsibility towards our country?

Do you have greater pleasure in honoring our country and our dear compatriots and raising the voice of a proud, proud and progressive nation in the four corners of the world?

In fact, we owe our land, our present and our future to our land of Afghanistan.

A land that is a legacy of human beings who fought for survival, endured hunger, sacrificed and martyred to keep Afghanistan a proud place for me and you.

Yes, this is the pure gift of my fathers and of you, for me and for you a young man we pass by without treasure and seek asylum for strangers.

To me and to you who are only dreaming of our own self-interest.

Yes … it is my job and you to work hard, not to flee our country, sweat and protect our natural and