When the butcher and the blind judge are in charge of security

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Afghanistan is on fire, and the Taliban are expanding their attacks to enlarge their geographical reach to major cities and increase their military, political and economic siege on major cities; In the last two weeks, on average, at least 20 provinces of the country are on fire, the Afghan forces and the Taliban are facing each other on different battlegrounds. But the most miserable people in the world have always had such bitter experiences; Because the butcher and the blind judge are responsible for the security of their city. And they have accepted silence against all the mismanagement and awfulness in the country.



Unfortunately, in the second term of Ghani’s presidency, Ashraf Ghani has plunged Afghanistan into the abyss of destruction and another full-scale war; Although he considers himself the supreme leader of Afghanistan, according to his acts, it seems that he is a spy and a traitor who tries to serve the Taliban in this situation and allow them to achieve their objectives in a reasonable means. In the current situation, Ashraf Ghani has joined hands to ignore Afghanistan’s brotherly nationalities and take the people of this country to the brink of extinction for ethnic and regional supremacy. Yes, despite being Afghanistan’s most corrupt politician, Ghani is also considered the worst option for maintaining him to rule the country’s political environment, Because his stay in power will lead Afghanistan to experimentation.



If we see and observe Ghani’s security triangle, the leadership of the security sector is managed mainly by the illiterate and miserable who have gone from rank of a translator to the rank of general and managing a security ministry. I swear by Allah that these are the most miserable people because they shed blood every day and kill people for their own interests and maintain their seats as ministers and high-ranking officials in this land. But, unfortunately, in the last few years, Ghani and three other factions of his ethnocentric and fascist government have been trying to divert Afghanistan’s national capital to their families and narrow the field to the point where Let the people rise and overthrow this system by force.



The four-member government has long been involved in the current situation of Afghanistan because of appointing Hamdullah Moheb, one of the most unidentified and anonymous people in the country, as a national security adviser. As a result, the unfortunate graduate of computer science now leads the security sector of Afghanistan that he does not know about. Increasing military casualties and intensifying bloody attacks in most countries are essential cases planned by Mr. Moheb.



The National Security Adviser knows nothing more than creating new folders or running Windows on a computer. I will never forget that once upon a time, Mr. National Security Advisor was appointed as the interim spokesman of Ashraf Ghani; this story goes back to the first year of the establishment of the government of national unity; When reporters confronted him; “How can you answer the reporter and the camera so much, let me keep the line after that, he said clearly. Now, this illiterate Your Excellency has taken the people of Afghanistan hostage as sacrificial sheep, while blood is flowing everywhere; but the water has not moved, and they are still engaged in the politics of the game.



On the other hand, three other illiterate people who don’t know anything about the military are now leading the security institution and they have been appointed as the head of this land’s security and defense institutions. These figures have pinned their seats as the Ministers of Interior, Defense, and National Directorate of Security Chief; they don’t deserve this seat but are just leading and maintaining the seats instead of managing the war. Maybe one day, if necessary, these gentlemen will clean the boots of the world’s second most thoughtful brain to keep themselves in the chair. While specializing in Medical science, Yasin Zia currently heads the Ministry of Defense; The question is, with what tact and competence does this genius and thinker manage 198,000 army forces?



Knowing nothing but a few intelligence activities, how can he take the lead in the war; No one becomes a hero by dropping a bag and a rifle on his shoulder and grabbing an M4 rifle on the battlefield, But this sheep nation is never looking for a change. The administration of this nobleman causes the checkpoints to fall and the massacre of the soldiers to the bottom of this land, but no reaction has been seen from the people yet.



The interior minister, who resembles Kabul’s Mandavi drop sellers; Today he is in charge of the Afghanistan National Police; In short, this thinker is one of the figures who responds to the Taliban’s bullets and mines by distributing dates. So the primary question is that why Ghani is silent; Abdullah, who dreams of becoming interim president, shamelessly has nothing to say to Ghani; and they are managing their government with these failed managers. Finally, if we go back to the Director-General of the National Directorate of Security, he is the most incompetent security figure; Because he still does not know the difference between information and rumor; But unfortunately, he is the head of the National Directorate of Security department, which is the ear and eye of the national security sector. Thus, militarily, experts believe that poor management will lead to the collapse of the system; Some of these military experts warn that if this situation continues, it will not be long before all the country’s security and defense forces disintegrate the following year.



Reports from the country’s three security agencies indicate that the current leadership of the security institutions has plunged the entire system into a precipice. One of the frustrations of the United States is not responding to Taliban attacks is due to the negligence and inability of these incompetent security managers; Because they do not have the nature and understanding of militarism at all; In the current situation, unfortunately, Ghani is committed to killing Afghan citizens, and in the end, Khalilzad is trying to hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban in two groups. Now, to get rid of this situation and preserve the values, in the first step, it is necessary to discipline the internal enemy, who are the same idle managers of the system, and then it will be much easier to eliminate the old enemy that has an external supporter.