Why betrayal ?

“before my wedding, I met my husband, we had a secret relationship for ten years until our families were happy and we were married. After our wedding, our affection for each other had grown, but little by little, I had grown tired of one life throughout May and wanted to continue my secret relationship with someone else because I was used to it, but I didn’t want to be my husband. Unforgettable, until someone finally found a friend’s face and pulled it out of my body, I would gradually find a sense of self and ruin my own life ……! ” Always with the word (betrayal) the name of a man not born! There are women behind the mask of a good wife who also plays the role of a traitorous woman. Make no mistake, these women will certainly not repeat the act by realizing their mistakes.

It should be noted that the statistics of such betrayals coming from a woman’s address are not yet countable compared to the betrayal of a public man. As we ponder this story, we stop at a station of questions, asking why we betray? Researchers say: – One of the reasons men betray men is the overbearing behavior of women so that they feel that their spouse is a manager rather than a woman. – A man wants to be the best for his wife, when his wife, as his life partner, defames and scorns him, breaks the man’s authority and turns him into an aggressive and nervous person who is no longer the same as his ex-wife. I will not like.

One of the most common habits of women to their spouses is maternal behavior. Women who have maternal behavior regard their spouse as a little boy who cannot take care of himself and needs him to manage their lives. A woman’s uncertainty is one of the major causes of her husband’s unfaithfulness and betrayal. Some women have no reason to doubt their husbands and, by reducing their relationships, instead of trying to solve the problem, they get into the atmosphere. When loving, emotional, and emotional relationships between couples diminish and there is no longer any sense of passion or love, one couple may enter into a treacherous relationship and fill these gaps elsewhere.

The demand and expectations of the two sides are overwhelming because one side of maturity cannot be here that opens the way for betrayal. – More capital makes it harder to digest prosperous life Here is where men’s interest in new life grows. – Men hate adventurous women and this has led men to choose the path of treachery. – One side of the marriage before one face comes after another with the other person appearing in the middle has done his duty, that is, to betray.

– One side has always been comparing their categories with their spouse, and the less the more alive, the more negative. – Women are less likely to want to be their lifelong partner. 2. Someone who has been constantly looking for someone in the past. 1. Someone who must prove to him every moment, to tell the truth, and to stay with him must change himself.

  1. Someone who will call if he cannot answer and then interrogate him and should report every time where he was. 7. With someone who is constantly doubting them and constantly telling them this behavior is wrong. 7. Treat someone in any argument even if he or she has made a mistake so that he or she will have to apologize and convey the feeling that it is you who made the mistake. With someone who has a picture of his future wife in mind but different from him and tends to look like his imaginary wife …!

Betrayal is not accidental, and it plays a major role in the breakup of the majority of families after the formation of a family. Unfortunately, parents are still unaware of the consequences of their wishes.  Unaware of what their children wrote after being betrayed? Unaware that these children are the parents of a family tomorrow.

In today’s society, there is a widespread condemnation of betrayal that destroys the relationships between men and women and the family foundation. The severity of the effects of betrayal on each one depends entirely on whether the couple is together in the future, whether they are sacrificing life or leaving the whole point alive. Post-betrayal life is always in the pre-betrayal life of regret because over time one slowly sinks in and feels a mistake that leaves only a dark shadow, trusting the other person.

We see that men who betray are simply adopted by the family after a long struggle, but if a woman is betrayed, she is deprived of her former family role! Nothing can ruin a woman as much as being loved. Most women who are betrayed by their spouses often ask, “Do you like her? Do you still love me? ”There is no reason for women to worry about not being liked. They have found that most men are betraying their life partner who they love.

Author: Freshta Mahbobi