Hurting others among people

Why do some people want to hurt each other?

Psychologists say that human beings are sometimes fed up with the love, respect and intimacy that others show them.

That is, it can be said; Digestion is as surprising and difficult as the occurrences that this class did not consume from one person to another.


“Bad memories, whether you like it or not, are unforgettable. I have a lot of sweet and bitter memories from my relatives and friends, said Humira Kakar, civil active.

Jamshid Popalzi, a member of the community: “I understand that I am a human being, the ugliness of nature.

I know with my behavior we suffocated a lot!

Annoying others
Annoying others

“Well, people are totally different. We do not determine that to be the case. When the body, face and views are different, it is certain that the traits are also different.”

The consequences of abusive behavior!

Researchers say that people do not know what the consequences of ugly speech and actions are for some people.

In fact, it can be said that today, hurting others is a cultural form embedded in society.

When we strike our dear heart with a razor blade, the other person sinks into the trauma for a long time. With this blow, we not only lowered our prestige, but also damaged our position.

This is where we are no longer the previous person!

And we should not expect the previous person from him!

Human behavior and speech have a major impact on human destiny, just as good behavior may elevate human beings to the highest human level, bad-mouthing continues to flatten people to the ground.

Who hurts others?

Who hurts others
Who hurts others

Farooqi, a sociologist, says: Man does not kill others until he is forced to.

The events of life do not inform in advance, so human beings do not consider themselves weak in the face of any of these events and do not act voluntarily. One should not expect sweetness from others in any situation.

But this is not always the case, we also have people who have never read the book “Being Social”.

In the essence of the human being, disrespect, ugliness, ignorance, obscurantism and humanity will not be able to change it.

These sociologists believe that people who hurt others with their tongues are confronted by those who spend the most love on them.

And in front of them, they always tried to prioritize forgiveness.

We must consider this patience and forgiveness as someone’s responsibility!

A few key reasons

1-         Because we cannot see others at the peak of success.

2-         Because we got complex from the shortcomings of life.

3-         It takes weight for us to lose the love and respect of others.

4-         Because we feel backward in life and have always compared ourselves to others!

5-         Because we spent our childhood with parents fighting and quarreling, we are accustomed to verbal ugliness.

6-         Because we do not have high understanding and logic and we are unaware of human rights.

7-         Because our position in society has changed, we have lost the so-called general (self).

8-         Because for a while, we failed to be too good.

9-         Because we love the other person madly and think of ourselves, we know the value of our every action and deed.

10-       Because of the bad state of life, we lose control.




Researchers have said: “In society, we are always confronted with two classes of people; Sweet-spoken people and temperamental people!

If we look at the group of people who, with their sweet taste, have been able to form a large community and at the same time look around the people who start each morning with an unpleasant tone, it is obvious that we do not see anyone but himself!

Some believe, “We are raised by all the people of the country. We live in the society we have. We grow up. What should be the mentality of war, violence, disrespect, home environment, university, duty in the whole society?”

In response, it must be said that every generation has a duty to improve their environment and society, to change the way of life that leads to ugly behavior and to disrupt society!




The human heart sometimes becomes harder than stone, which remains silent in the face of many issues, and sometimes becomes so emotional that it blames the biggest mistakes of others.

It should be noted, however, that these super-loving people are not the same for everyone.