Why in our society is the age of individuals valued more than their capacity and knowledge?

According to one of the companions of the Prophet of Islam, man has reached perfection at the age of eighteen, that is, a person who is eighteen years old has received all perfection, but what is the reason for the lack of attention and disbelief of the government and institutions of our country to the youth? What will be the result of trusting and valuing people’s advanced years in terms of their capacity and talent? In some cases, given the capacity and strength of young people, why are they still not qualified to do great things? Which plays a key role in the implementation and promotion of successful work, age or capacity, and knowledge?

As we see today, society does not have much trust in young people. Important positions and competencies are always assigned to individuals according to their age. While age is only a number and has no role in the better performance of responsibilities and tasks. To get great results from work, job responsibilities require capacity, knowledge, and enlightenment, not a tall figure. Experience and old age may show more maturity of work or facilitate the advancement of work for the institution, but given the greater capacity, knowledge, and honesty of today’s youth, they can facilitate innovation, inclusiveness, and a better work environment. Most of us in families have seen that sometimes the smallest members of the family offer the best solution to solve complex challenges, and according to psychologists, it is because of the sharp intelligence of adolescents towards others. So given the creativity and ability of young people, if we still believe in them, it may not be in there and our own interests in the future.

A Talented Young Country According to statistics and reports from the BBC, Afghanistan is a country with a population of more than 600 people. Unfortunately, the strong force of this generation has not been used well in most of the official and positive activities of the society. Every year, we see hundreds of young people graduating from universities who, after graduation, remain homeless and unemployed, leaving their talents extinguished.

 What is the reason for this challenge? The root of disbelief in the younger generation is rooted in the unwelcome and accepted mindsets, sayings, and cultures of the past. As in the past, in the discussion of administrative work, the statement that young people are inexperienced and crude has been accepted and has taken root in all thoughts. Therefore, they prefer to work priority to older people and more experienced people, and with this justification, they seem to have done better in job management, while the opposite is the case. On the other hand, observations have proved that experience is not the only requirement in advancing everything, today official offices are full of experienced but inefficient and uncreative people. According to positive job competitions, if we expect to fulfill responsibilities effectively, then along with experience, phenomena such as capacity, innovation, talent, up-to-date knowledge, and commitment are more important, and these characteristics are more seen in the behavior and existence of young people. They have energy and commitment and honesty.

The next reason is the lack of motivation and effort of the youth themselves, and this is unfortunately due to the disbelief of the society. A number of young people, given that the government and institutions do not trust them, have completely given up trying to prove their talents and no longer focus more on their knowledge capacity, do not read books, and do not try to get a job with high job qualifications.

 What is the proposed solution? Honesty, commitment, and effort are three good qualities that employees should have. These three characteristics of creativity lead to a lot of work in a short time and success, and since there is a lot of distrust in young people today, we see for those few young people who have the opportunity to do their job, to fulfill all their responsibilities with enthusiasm and effort. they do. One thing that can be optimized is that private institutions in the country are more inclined and interested in the talent and employment of young people. This has led to better results. Today, we are all witnessing significant progress in the functioning of private institutions with a lot of creativity, and all this is the result of the efforts of hard-working young people, and in general, this is the reason for the success of the young generation and private institutions.

Therefore, the young generation should be trusted along with the adults, and at least a chance should be given to them so that they can prove their talent. This generation is hardworking, committed, and honest to the work responsibilities and progress of the country. As the Holy Prophet, in one of the most critical moments of his life, gave great responsibility to an eighteen-year-old. In wars, the Holy Prophet himself was in command; But when, in the last weeks of his life, he felt that he would leave this world and that an invasion of the Roman Empire by himself would not be possible, because it was a very great and difficult task; It was necessary to choose a force for this work that no obstacle could stop, and the choice of the Prophet for this great work was an eighteen-year-old boy.

 In conclusion, it should be made clear that the purpose of trusting young people and giving them job responsibilities does not mean eliminating adults and experienced people altogether. This means that in order to advance things properly and better, group and joint cooperation between young people and adults is necessary so that young people can be effective for the institution and society by using the experience and maturity of adults and their creativity. On the other hand, given that the younger generation has the benefit of up-to-date knowledge, then the adults also need the cooperation of this generation to create innovation and improve things. However, the vital arteries of the country need fresh blood, and this will be achieved by trusting the youth and entrusting them with the management of different parts of the country. Undoubtedly, young people have always been proud of going through historical challenges and milestones and achieving stunning progress. Many young people are also preparing to fight the country’s economic problems and are waiting for national confidence in this readiness.