Will Saleh experience the fate of General Dostum?

Written by Shikib Ahmad Nazari

Election 2019:

At the height of the political tensions, Afghanistan witnessed the September 29, 2019 presidential election, which include more than 9 million eligible voters, at least nearly 2 million voters were presence. Finally, on February 18, 2020, Ms. Hawa Alam Nooristani, the director of the Independent Election Commission (IEC), rolled up her sleeves at night to delay the election after a five-month delay. Mr. Nuristani appeared in front of the media cameras late at night, declaring President Ghani the winner of Afghanistan’s second presidential election. But it did not take long before the commission’s action angered Abdullah Abdullah, a rival and partner in the national unity government. To prevent the commission from doing so, Abdullah and his allies announced that they would declare a parallel government, which would have cut the knife to the bones of Afghan citizens and spread the political crisis.

History of national unity government:

In 2014, when Afghanistan was experiencing a similar crisis, former US Secretary of State John Kerry came to Kabul and finally called on the two winning candidates to form a joint government. The experience, which was of no benefit to the people of Afghanistan except for the bitterness of the crisis and the escalation of the crisis, has widened in the last five years, between the government and the people. Political leaders in the country came together and took strange positions to maintain their position. But the two most crisis-ridden events in Afghanistan’s political system have been the deportation of General Dostum and the police armed attack on forces loyal to Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of Mazar. After two years in exile, Dostum was again allowed to enter Afghanistan, and Atta Mohammad Noor was forced to unite with Ashraf Ghani after “tooth-breaking” warnings, and politics was once again cursed among Afghan citizens.

Two important and unprecedented opportunities:

Coinciding with the announcement of the final results of the presidential election, the cessation of hostilities with the Taliban and the establishment of a powerful government are in fact two opportunities for Afghanistan after the apparent victory of President Ghani. Exactly a few days after the announcement of the results of the presidential election, the United States, after 19 years, agreed to force the Taliban to sign the agreement by promoting peace talks. An agreement that seemed to be a surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, as well as the United States. But the political crisis between Abdullah and Ghani has apparently led not only to the formation of a powerful and inclusive government in Afghanistan, but also to the marginalization of peace talks in most cases.

Ashraf Ghani’s symbolic vice presidents:

President Ghani one of the key figures of the Resistance in order to win the election victory ticket. In January 12, 2019 he fired Interior affair Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak and Defense Minister Tariq Sha Bahrami and replaced them with Amrullah Saleh and Assadullah Khalid. Both (Khaled and Saleh) had the experience of the National Directorat Security (NDS), in fact, known as anti-Pakistani figures among the citizens. The selection of these two figures, led by the country’s two security and defense sectors, was a promise to ensure peace and reduce crime. Saleh, who had intelligence experience, took a step higher than Asadullah Khalid and, by creating authoritative narratives, was able to prove his position in joining Ashraf Ghani’s ticket on election. Amrullah Saleh was at the forefront of the president’s focus when he created the “police have the right to shoot.” By doing so, which was extremely clever, Saleh was able to gain more popularity and change the face of the Ministry of Interior within 27 days of the mission. Immediately, President Ghani appointed Saleh as his first deputy prime minister.

On the other hand, Amrullah Saleh, as an anti-Pakistani figure, was able to increase the popularity of President Ghani and his team. When a group of assailants attacked the office of the Afghanistan Green trend (AGT), which Amrullah Saleh was involved in holding election campaigns, on July 28, 2019. The clash lasted more than 10 hours, with a number of key figures committed to the cause of Allah Saleh killed and 90 others rescued by Special Forces of the National Police. The attack appeared to be painful but shocking. The government-building team was able to act as a propaganda message for this dangerous event.

Saleh post-election maneuvers:

After the victory of the government-building team, Amrullah Saleh, from the address of the AGT, which is in charge of his leadership, and also as the first vice president on the February 24, 2020, accused nearly 40 people of insulting himself. Social media had taken a stand against him and introduced him to the Attorney General’s Office. Although the spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office denied this in an interview with the media, in response to Mr. Saleh request, he said that the country’s penal code considers insulting and insulting people a crime and considers its investigation to be dependent on the victim’s complaint. Not the Green Legal-Political Committee. Many national and international organizations advocating for freedom of expression, including Amnesty International, reacted sharply to the complaint, writing on its official Twitter pages: “Referral of the complaint to 40 people.”The Afghan Attorney General’s Office is deeply concerned about their posts on social media by Amrullah Saleh, and no one should seek revenge for their peaceful use of their right to freedom of expression.”

A number of users of the move called the Green Process a restriction on freedom of expression and wrote: “The throat of freedom of speech was suffocated before the arrival of the Taliban.” Responding to these reactions, Mr. Saleh replied: “I have not introduced anyone to the judicial authorities on charges of insult, insult, and insult at the end of my writings. What is being done on social media the legal and political branch of Afghanistan’s Green Process (Rasa) is for the protection of the organization’s privacy and the privacy of its members? Creating a public discourse on cybercrime and defending people’s privacy in cyberspace is a positive issue. “And the threat is not and will not be.”

Prior to the message, Mr. Saleh wrote on his Facebook page: “I have never insulted anyone for political, personal, family or ethnic reasons. I have never encouraged anyone to use vulgar language against others.” So I can’t forget those who insult me. I welcome and criticize healthy and constructive criticism. But I can’t forget the insult and the insulter. This part of my memory is very strong and the technology is good. “It simply came to our notice then.

This part of Mr. Saleh’s article, “Sometimes Strong Memory Causes Fear,” was shared on social media by users who saw it as a threat, and introduced 39 people to the Afghan Attorney General’s Office. Wear.

General Dostum’s deportation scenario:

There are speculations that Mr. Saleh will suffer the fate of General Abdul Rashid Dostum. Mr. Dostum’s sexual abuse of Ahmadinejad, the former governor of Jawzjan, led to his deportation to Turkey. Some believed that the charges against Mr. Dostum were organized to remove Uzbeks from the political scene. Not allowing General Dostum’s plane to land in Afghanistan and restricting his powers led to his deportation to Turkey. After nearly two years in exile in Turkey, Mr. Dostum returned to Afghanistan, and some thought that Mr. Ashraf Ghani might use him politically to attract votes, as he did in 2014, but this did not happen. A number of media outlets reported that Mr. Dostum’s travels to the north of the country were restricted, and Dostum was not satisfied with the extent of his powers set by President Ghani from the beginning of the National Unity Government. Sources close to General Dostum had previously told the BBC that Mr. Ghani’s government had imposed restrictions on the first vice president. For example, on the eve of the parliamentary elections, the first vice president was scheduled to travel to the north, but the agreement agreed. He did not, and Mr. Dostum was not invited to any weekly cabinet meeting, and even the agenda of the meetings was not shared with him.

This was stated by Mr. Gulnoor Bahman in an interview with the BBC on October 27, 2018: They were also invited, so the phone rang again, and the meeting was postponed to another time, and then they did not announce the second time. It is understood that it is intentional that the first vice president will not attend the meetings. “The presidential palace had said that Mr. Dostum had his own powers.

Saleh possibility of a similar experience of Dostum:

According to some political experts, now that Amrullah Saleh has replaced General Abdul Rashid Dostum, he may face a similar experience from the president. There are also rumors that the year 2021 may be a difficult and challenging time for Mr. Saleh, because Mr. Saleh’s fate remains the same as my friend’s, because the mafia circles do not see Mr. Saleh’s excessive competence in their favor and are trying to make these facts a reality. To restrain. If the ruling society is seen in the society, the mafia in Afghanistan has public power, as the usual groups say, they are “king-makers” who can do anything with their black money. Therefore, it is probable that Mr. Saleh will be conspired against the blockade of their way and they will face the same fate as General Dostum. According to the book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Mr. Harari, Those who own the data own the future. In this regard, Mr. Saleh has too much information, but let’s not forget that the first-hand and untouched information is also available to the mafia, because they have access to all the resources and can do whatever they want.

However, an advertisement was issued in Pakistan a few years ago stating that “his name is enough” and that Mr. Saleh may have had enough of his name to control the mafia, but that the mafia would try to get Saleh to die slowly. My friend suffers. But one thing that I agree with is that Amrullah Saleh has a deep resentment towards his opponents and the mafia. According to Saleh, camels are generally resentful, and joking with him can be very expensive.