Will the giant meteor hit the Earth? (NASA)

Will the giant meteor hit the Earth? (NASA)The massive meteor is about 4 kilometers wide and will reach more than 30,000 kilometers per hour in another month. NASA or the US space agency said in its most recent report that the large meteor will be approaching Earth by April 2020.

But many citizens in different countries have heard that this meteorite will hit the planet and destroy all generations. Social pages have all been published, calling April the last day of the whole world. It is now widely believed that, despite the deadly coronavirus, this huge rock will end the life of all humans in the world.

But what is the truth?

NASA or the US Space Agency announced a few years ago that a meteorite would reach near Earth, but it would be passing very close to the earth. Now the Pasban News Agency, which has done a lot of research in this area, shows that the meteorite, which is due to reach Earth by April, is about 1.5 million kilometers away.

According to the planetary assembly, the meteors are more than one kilometer long enough to threaten life on Earth. If it hits the Earth, it says, a hole at least 3 kilometers or more will be created that will cause widespread destruction and possibly the extinction of human civilization.

However, astronomers estimate that such celestial bodies have a one in 50,000 chance of colliding with Earth every 100 years.