World Olympic games canceled in Japan due to COVID 19

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The Japan prime minister says he has never prioritized the Olympics, and his remarks came after a referendum in the country that the Japanese citizens have shown their disagreeing against the Olympics. According to reports, the referendum from Japanese citizens showed that nearly 60 percent of people want the Olympics to be canceled.


The Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Soogah was asked at a meeting of the Japanese Parliamentary Committee on Monday (5/10/2021) whether the Olympic Games will be held in the country if the positive events of the Coronavirus increase. In response to this question, the Prime Minister said: “I have never prioritized the Olympics, and for me, the protection of the lives and health of the Japanese people is a priority. We must first prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the country, and then we would increase our focus on holding the Olympics.


Mr. Suga added that the final decision on whether to hold the Games would be made by the Internal Olympic Committee and that it is the government’s job to take steps to ensure that the Games were held safely.


Japan has extended the state of emergency until the end of this year, May month, in Tokyo due to the increase in positive events of the coronavirus.


Questions about whether or not to hold the Olympic Games in Japan have been raised as concerns about the spread of the coronavirus in the country have grown. Japan is among the best economies in the world to adopt the corona vaccine.


Organizers of Japan’s Olympics, including Prime Minister Soga, have insisted on safely hosting the Olympic Games. Japanese officials have said that if the Olympics are held, foreign spectators will not participate, and domestic spectators will be able to participate with limited conditions.


The Japanese Olympics will be held in Tokyo from July 23 to August 8, with the authorities’ agreement.