Temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius has been recorded in Kuwait

World Mohammad Yasin Saadat Saturday July 10th, 2021 0 Views



In one of the hottest summers in history, unprecedented heat was recorded in parts of the Middle East. For example, according to Arab media reports, Kuwait has witnessed a temperature of 70 degrees, unusual in more than half a century. However, western media have also stressed that the increase in heat worldwide, especially in the Arab countries, is due to the rise in greenhouse gases and climate change.


In the latest case, the world media quoted the Kuwaiti press as saying that the air temperature in this country has risen to 70 degrees Celsius under the sun, and 53.3 degrees Celsius has been recorded in the shady areas.


It is noted that this is the hottest summer in this region of the Middle East in the last 70 years. This extreme heat is driven by the tropical position of Kuwait as well as the seasonal recession – tropical storms in the Indian Ocean.


In the Persian Gulf, summer is traditionally the season of strong winds due to the significant difference between pressure and seasonal recession in India. According to scientists, the average summer temperature in the UAE can reach 60 degrees in 50 years.


However, the Meteorological Department under the General Directorate of Kuwait Aviation did not confirm 53 degrees. Meteorologists at the institution say that the thermometers in the cars may have shown up to 70 degrees Celsius, but the air has not warmed up that much.


The news about rising temperatures and the conditions the planet is experiencing these days is so hot that even unrealistic headlines are attributed to the hot summer weather.


Meanwhile, environmental experts say that if the world’s countries do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the world’s major industrialized nations do not pay enough attention to climate change, the situation will worsen, and life worldwide may become impossible.