Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Organized Crime Groups, Loyal Servants Of The Taliban

Author: Follad Ahangaran

The simplest way to bring political systems to their knees is to instill fear and panic among society’s peoples. The Taliban are now trying to..

The Cause Of Helmand Battles, Why Did The Fighting In Helmand Become Bloody?

Abdul Manan Tawhidyar

From Sunday onwards, shocking and most sensitive images of Helmand’s citizens were published in the media. These impoverished province residents were evicted from..


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The United States Has Conditioned The Complete Withdrawal Of Its Troops From Afghanistan

Author: Mohammad Kasra As the Afghan-Afghan peace talks enter their fifth day, the Secretary of State has told the media that the full withdrawal of US troops in 2021 is conditional on the fulfillment of three

Peace Agreement With The Us Or Legitimizing The Taliban War In Afghanistan!

The Taliban issued some statements calling the signing of a peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban a matter of their legitimacy. The Taliban have sought to legitimize their war and also call