Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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International Community Assistance to Afghanistan at the Geneva Summit

The Members Of The Geneva Summit Contributed $ 13.5 Billion To Afghanistan

The Afghanistan International Conference, Geneva 2020, pledged about $ 13.5 billion in financial assistance to Afghanistan on Wednesday (NOVEMBER 25) with the release of a newsletter from the inter..

Suicide of Australian soldiers after the spread of their war crimes in Afghanistan

Australian Soldiers Commit Suicide After Their War Crimes Are Reported In Afghanistan

Nine Australian soldiers have committed suicide following reports of war crimes committed by Australian troops in Afghanistan.

“In recent days, nine Australian soldiers, including a wo..



Closure of universities

Closure Of Universities; Political Trick Or Arguing With The Corona Epidemic?

Mohammad Tahab Nawabi Governments dependent on foreign aid are always trying to use every opportunity to get aids or marginalize their failures by resorting to unwise tricks and putting pressure on citizens, wi

Program of the stages of Islamic civilization

Stages Of Islamic Civilization

This week’s book reading program was held on Friday, the 20 November, with the participation of the (Rahyan Noor) members. The program began with the recitation of the Quran by Dad Shah Akbari at 9:30 am

Hurting others among people

Why Do Some People Want To Hurt Each Other?

Pen Or Gun