The senior reporter of Pasbanan news agency was chosen to cover the 77th UNGA summit

Afghanistan SanaullahSanaullah Nawabi Sunday October 2nd, 2022 0 Views


Humayun Babar, a successful and experienced journalist of Pasbanan Media Agency, has received the prestigious Raham Al Fara (RAF) Journalism Fellowship of the United Nations. While 700 journalists applied to cover the 77th UNGA, only 22 journalists were selected by the UN. Fortunately, Mr. Babar was one of 22 journalists who were selected from among 700 applicants after a rigorous selection process. Pasbanan Media Agency thanked and praised the UN Selection Committee for selecting Mr. Homayun Babar to cover the 77th UN General Assembly and is hopeful that this agency will be able to continue working with the United Nations as a media partner in the near future. Yi is committed to international values ​​to continue his work. The leadership of Pasbanan News Agency still believes that the selection of Mr. Babar will provide a good opportunity for Afghan journalists to participate in the coverage of such fundamental global programs, and the provision of such opportunities will enable Afghan journalists to continue to work on behalf of dear Afghanistan. Shine internationally.


Another 21 young journalists representing various media outlets from Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America have been selected to cover the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). Sponsored annually by the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC), RAF will be held for three weeks, from September 12 to September 30, 2022. During this time, the selected fellows will have the opportunity to observe official proceedings of the 77th session of the United Nations High Council, participate in briefings by officials from across the United Nations system, and interact with journalists and other experts in the field. interact


The 77th session of the UN General Assembly will also discuss key UN issues, such as climate change, the refugee crisis, human rights and global health.


Mr. Homayun Babar, who is an active and hard-working journalist, works with Pasbanan media agency as a senior journalist in this media. Mitigation and adaptation to the climate crisis will pay attention during his stay at the United Nations.


He also seeks to report on women’s rights and the fight against misinformation and fake news in the age of social media. Mr. Babar’s goal will be to be the voice of his peers on behalf of the Afghan media community and the realities on the ground in Afghanistan. make it known to the world.


The RAF Journalism Association was established in December 1980 by UN General Assembly Resolution 201/35. The program, formerly known as the DPI Training Program for Broadcasters and Journalists from Developing Countries, was established in 2003 in honor of Raham al-Farah, a 29-year-old Jordanian public information officer who was killed in the August 19, 2003, bombing of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad was killed, renamed.


Since its establishment in 1981, this prestigious journalism fellowship has been awarded to 611 journalists from 168 countries. According to the United Nations, this prestigious journalism award is a unique opportunity for young journalists (22-35) from developing countries and countries with economies in transition to work for the United Nations.


Pasbanan media agency, which is always trying to cover and provide accurate, free and impartial information in Afghanistan, is proud that one of the specialized colleagues of this media organization was able to be selected in such an important event. The leadership of this agency believes that with the participation of the journalist of this media agency in the United Nations program to cover the 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), he was able to prove that Afghan media, especially Pasbanan Media Group News Agency, can be a good partner for coverage. The programs of this organization are in Afghanistan.