About Us

What do we do?

The Pasbanan News Agency (PMG News) is the first reputable informative website that provides numerous news programs such as short stories, production reports, research, and feature reports and is accessible to citizens of Afghanistan, the region and the world. This media outlet is a believer in the digitalization of information, and therefore this organization seeks to communicate with its audiences using the new generation of mass media tools, known as the latest information and digital devices. One of the priorities of PMG News is to provide first-hand information to its audiences. Currently, the PMG News is trying to serve its audiences using five key tools, including websites, YouTube Channel, Online Magazine, Online Radio, and Online Journalism academy, and this media outlet is trying to provide the most credible information in the shortest possible time. We look beyond stories, and we Make first-hand news accessible to your audience.

The PMG News is a subsidiary of “Pasbanan Media Group News Agency,” which was commissioned in 2017 by Afghan journalist Shershah Nawabi. The PMG News website strives to cover relevant information that is important to the lives of every citizen in the country and the region and affects their lives. Featured Reports, Newsletter, research, Investigative reports, promising exclusive dialogs for a generation that has always been suffering, analytical reports, motivational information, and awareness of the most basic information processes we make We distribute its products to its audiences nationwide.

The PMG News is the main source for (News, Analytical articles, Research and Motivational issues) and seeks to relate events to provide opportunities for discourse on social, political, economic, military, cultural, and other essential events among the Afghan people and other communities, and we are looking to connect different communities and cultures, with our first-hand news and features. The PMG News Working Group believes that covering, reflecting, and impartially disseminating information, with the full balance and accuracy of every citizen, is a fundamental right of every citizen to be aware of the events that are considered necessary in their lives.

Defending the values ​​of human rights, social justice, democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, gender equality and access to credible and first-hand information are exceptional principles for the PMG News, which is non-trade and exchange with other values, and Above all, we are committed to preserving human dignity and importance ​​in different societies.

The impartiality, accuracy, speed, and nationwide vision of PMG News is one of the things that make this media organization committed to upholding humanitarian and democratic values ​​that have undoubtedly made PMG News unique to audiences. Significantly visit this database and add it to your online media audience daily. Also, coverage of exclusive developments across Afghanistan, the region, and the world, including politics, economics, culture, society, sports, domestic, regional, and global change, is one of the most critical and controversial issues for PMG News. It seeks to convey the facts in perfect balance and impartiality; in a word, we look beyond the stories.

Currently, the PMG News is publishing all its products in both Farsi and English languages. Dear audiences of the PMG News can follow PMG News at www.pasbanan.com, www.youtube.com/pmg news, and other social networks. Also, download the PMG Plus online magazine from the Pasbanan news website.