has the educational system in Afghanistan become a nightmare?

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After August 15, 2021, Afghanistan lost its 20-year achievements. From freedom of speech to the presence of male and female students in the same class, it has become an unattainable dream for the students of this country. The youth believe that their ideals have been destroyed and they no longer have the chance to live in this cursed land. Abdullah is the nickname of a medical student who, in an interview with the Sighttimes website, he shows his disappointed with suffering the ups and downs in the geography known as Afghanistan. He says that all his dreams have been wasted and now he only thinks about how to survive and if he gets the chance, he will take his bag and travel outside of Afghanistan.
Abdullah says: “I can’t believe that in one year, so many changes can be seen in our land. Ever since the universities reopened, we have lost hope for a bright tomorrow and learning standardized lessons. Now all our intelligence and senses have been lost.” We want to get out of this country. If I know that tomorrow I can legally leave this country, I will leave Afghanistan without hesitation. Because there is no hope for me to study at the university in this country anymore, in the past we used to get excellent grades and we had a rivalry in university, but now we are all worried that something will happen to us tomorrow.”

The Taliban’s arbitrary treatment of students and professors has led to the situation that now a number of university professors also have the same view, Mohammad Younis,a professor at one of Afghanistans universities says: “The Taliban are currently trying to transform the higher education system of Afghanistan as they want. This group is trying to make extensive changes in the Afghan education system. The Taliban are actually now involved in all student matters, even this In the current situation, the group wants to interfere in the private lives of students as well. Separating classes, changing the way students dress, putting pressure on professors are some of the important things that the Taliban want to use to control their terror in university environments. ”

However, a number of officials of the Islamic Emirate, in a conversation with the Sighttimes website, believe that after this group took control of Afghanistan, the academic environment has witnessed positive developments. Abu Khaled is one of the security officials of Kabul University. He believes that after the establishment of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, more students are coming to study their lessons than ever before. He says: “Since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan, the situation has completely changed. Alhamdulillah, our students attend their classes in a completely Islamic environment, and now we have been able to introduce Islamic Sharia in the academic environment of Kabul University.”

It is believed that with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate or the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, this group has brought the country’s education system to a standstill. According to higher education experts, the efforts of the Taliban have actually overthrown the international standards of teaching in the country. According to these experts Afghanistan has been backward for at least two more decades in the field of higher education.