Apple became the most valuable brand in the world

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Apple became the most valuable brand in the world, with 87% growth from Amazon and Google.

Using modern technology that has high reliability is considered the dream of every human being. But using world-renowned brands while facilitating for customers has caused a lot of trouble. But in the latest case, Apple technology products became the best brand in the world in 2021.


According to reports, in the latest case, Western media reported that this company, with 87% growth from Amazon and Google, was able to raise its position and become the most valuable brand in the world.


With $ 260 billion in the capital in the United States, Apple Corps has for the first time been able to outperform Amazon and Google and become the world’s leading brand.


Apple products include Apple TV, Apple Podcast, App Store, and Apple Music. It has grown significantly among the world’s winners and is now one of the world’s leading companies with a global reputation. The world is known.


Apple is an American multinational technology company that designs and manufactures consumer electronics, computer software, and online service providers. In recent years, it has been able to offer incredible technologies to its customers in global markets. The advanced technology of this company has astonished the citizens of the world, and every year this multinational company has been able to become more popular by producing technological goods.


In addition, Apple has a large audience because of the high-security system in its products. The company has challenged all hackers worldwide that if they hack Apple information systems, they will have millions of dollars for a hacker who can hack their security system. Still, no one has been able to hack their system yet. Still, so far, no one in the world has been found who can hack the security systems of this technology giant.


Apple was initially founded as a computer company in Cupertino, California, USA, and is now one of the world’s leading companies.