Saleh: Kabul will be equipped with advanced security and surveillance technology

Technology Abdul Nazir Qaderi Wednesday January 6th, 2021 106 Views

The first deputy prime minister said today (meeting at 6:30 a.m.) that Kabul, worth more than $ 100 million, will be equipped with security cameras in the capital.

“The last time security cameras were regularly installed in Kabul was in 2008, now that technology has made significant progress,” Amrullah Saleh, the country’s first vice president, wrote on his Facebook page today (Wednesday, January 6). “Kabul was better covered than before, more hidden than before, and covered by security cameras with advanced technology.”
“This grand project, which will cost more than $ 100 million, will be implemented with the help of Afghanistan’s allies and strong support,” Mr. Saleh said.

security cameras
security cameras

Mr. Saleh added: “The area will be narrower for terrorists and thieves.”
While CCTV is one of the features of life in the countries of the world; The use of advanced systems and the wide range of surveillance cameras in countries and public centers of cities by the police and security centers of these countries has reduced crime.

The presence of surveillance cameras in public places will bring subtle but profound changes in the character of our public spaces; When citizens are monitored by the authorities or are aware that they may be monitored at any time, they become more self-aware and less active, and this reduces terrorist and criminal events in the city.
Reporter: Imran Khorasani

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Saleh: Two girls were arrested for extorting money from celebrities in Kabul

Reporter: Mohammad Nabi Karimi
The first vice-president says that the police of Kabul city’s third security district have arrested two girls who were extorting money from well-known and famous people in fancy clothes.
Amrullah Saleh, the first vice president of the country, wrote on his Facebook page today, Sunday (January 17): “They were arrested under the direct guidance of the Kabul Security Pact at 6:30 am.”
The first vice president added that many men were forced to pay the two girls to preserve their dignity and avoid any possible controversy.
According to her, this issue has not been addressed for years.
One of the major problems is that women’s presence in the judiciary and the police is low. This imbalance has limited the government’s access to half of society in terms of investigating and dealing with criminal and legal issues, and in many cases, has completely blocked it.
Mr. Saleh also emphasizes that some of the “recurring criminals” who have ruined the situation in several areas of Kabul are those who pardoned under the pretext of the corona, and I regret this pardon. At that time, we could not properly understand the danger of Corona, and we feared that the prison would not become a place of mass death.
Meanwhile, this morning, a car carrying four female judges was targeted by unknown individuals in the 10th district of Kabul, killing two of them and injuring two others.