Increased violence in Afghanistan; The government called for global assistance to the displaced

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Edited by: Mojeeb Rahman Hamkar

Amrullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s first vice president, has called on the United Nations and other international organizations to work together to help those displaced by the recent conflict in the country.


“We call on the United Nations and other international organizations to assist us in providing any assistance to the large number of people who have sought refuge in Kabul due to the brutality, murder, revenge, looting, and aggression of the Taliban,” he wrote on Twitter.


Ghulam Bahauddin Jilani, the Minister of State for Disaster Management, also told a news conference today (10/8/2021) that due to the fighting in recent months, 60,000 families have been displaced in 25 provinces.


According to him, in addition to this figure, nearly 30,000 displaced families from the northern and northeastern provinces have come to Kabul in recent days alone. Mr. Jilani says convoys of migrants are still arriving in Kabul and that the number is rising. He also called on international organizations to do whatever they can to help the displaced.


Mr. Jilani also called on Afghanistan’s international partners to pressure the Taliban to reduce the violence, saying that in any part of the country that had fallen to the Taliban, the majority of its residents had fled their homes.


Large numbers of people displaced by the recent violence have taken refuge in the Afghan capital, Kabul, and gathered in the city’s parks. The first vice president of Afghanistan called the situation of these displaced people in Kabul “painful scenes.” The Minister of State for Disaster Management also says that emergency aid has reached these people, but they are trying to set up camps, set up tents, and use idle government buildings to provide shelter.
Mr. Jilani says his administration has set up a committee, the Ministry of Refugees and Kabul, to address the problems of the displaced. According to him, the installation of thousands of tents has started in Kabul today.


In the last three months, there has been a new wave of violence in Afghanistan. As foreign troops withdrew, the Taliban intensified their attacks. A few days ago, Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani called the situation unexpected. As a result of the new violence, the Taliban first took control of several districts and, more recently, several cities. The war is in full swing, and the government announced yesterday that it would also coordinate and equip popular uprisings within the government in addition to government forces. Mr. Ghani has said he will stabilize the situation in the next six months with plans in place.