Khalilzad: There should be an immediate ceasefire between the Republic and the Taliban

Peace Shaker SangiShaker Sangi Saturday July 24th, 2021 0 Views



While the Taliban have increased their movements across Afghanistan and at the same time are trying to seize the centers of some major cities in collaboration with Pakistani fighters, Zalmai Khalilzad is now the UN special envoy to Afghanistan from the warring parties. He called for peace as soon as possible. “The American-European group met in Rome on July 22 and stressed that the violence must end as soon as possible,” Khalilzad tweeted.


In another tweet, Khalilzad wrote: “We emphasized the urgency of political understanding; but any agreement we support requires five basic elements: 1. Inclusive sovereignty 2. The election of political leaders by the people 3. Protection of rights “Human rights for men and women. 4. Commitment to the fight against terrorism; and 5. Adherence to international law.”


“Based on the understanding of Rome, we are working with the countries of the region, including the countries of Turkey and the United Nations, to reach a collective understanding. By working together, we can help Afghans achieve a lasting peace that is worthwhile,” Khalilzad said. “Have international political and economic support.”


Khalilzad emphasizes peace understanding and reduction of violence, while Soheil Shahin, the Taliban spokesman in Qatar, said that before reaching a peace agreement, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani must step down, after which the group At the same time, reports indicate that the Taliban are colluding with Pakistan-affiliated groups to further the interests of Islamabad more than ever before in the country.


In addition, international relations experts say that the Taliban’s demand stems from the preconditions of Islamabad and Tehran because these countries consider the presence of President Ghani in power to their detriment. Meanwhile, First Vice President Ghani has said that the Afghan government will soon succeed in changing the state of the war. Earlier, President Ghani said that there would be widespread changes in the state of war in the next three to six months.