Abdullah in Qatar: Violence intensifies the crisis

Afghanistan Amran frobaliAmran Forobali Wednesday August 11th, 2021 0 Views




Coinciding with the start of the three-day peace summit in Qatar, Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the Afghan National Reconciliation Council, met with several regional and Asian diplomats. According to reports, during these meetings, the chairman of the National Reconciliation Council stressed that war and violence are not the solutions, and to get out of the current situation, now is the time for the Taliban to make peace and stop the war, which is more Desire is considered ideal; Because the Taliban are making little progress in the current situation, and the current situation, the group has been able to capture the centers of 9 provinces.


In a meeting with Iranian Ambassador Hamid Reza Dehghani, Abdullah said regional efforts could prevent a new crisis in Afghanistan. “War and insecurity do not solve Afghanistan’s crisis and work. Contrary to popular belief, the Taliban are responsible for displacing thousands of families by increasing their attacks. This war is not only the destruction of infrastructure,” Abdullah said. “Afghanistan is of no use; the current war is of no benefit to the people of this country except the crisis, and the Taliban will not be able to achieve their demands in the current situation.”


Abdullah had previously stated at the beginning of the three-day Qatar summit that the current situation in Afghanistan was unacceptable. In the present case, it was time for the world and Afghanistan’s allies to inform the Taliban to enter into meaningful peace talks.


The allegations come as the Taliban have been able to seize control of at least nine provincial capitals. According to reports, this group is currently advancing rapidly in the northern and northeastern provinces of the country. The Taliban’s advance in the north of the country and its takeover of city centers in nine provinces has finally led President Ghani to Mazar-e-Sharif.


But government officials say they have launched large-scale attacks across Afghanistan to push back the Taliban. The Afghan government has reportedly claimed that an average of at least 150 Taliban fighters is killed every 24 hours fighting the country’s security and defense forces, a claim denied by the Taliban.