MOI Permanently dismisses a policeman caught in violent

MOI dismissed a policeman caught on violence, which shows he beating a woman in Port of Torkham.

Tariq Aryan, MOI Spokesman said, “A policeman has been expelled from his job permanently,”.

Tariq Aryan, spokesman of MOI.

“Beating of a woman is the culture of Taliban and it’s an Insurgents action, policeman which expelled named Wahab” added Tariq Ayran.

He emphasizes that the police enforce the law and work to professionalize and upgrade its capacity.

The policemen are a professional and popular force, resorting to harassing acts is not acceptable at all.

A video recently showed on social media in which Afghan police beat a woman in  Nangarhar province.

This video has provoked many reactions from the citizens of the country, especially the Taliban.

“Where are humanity and women’s rights?” Mohammad Naeem Wardak, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, tweeted the video.

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The Kandahar new police commander introduced

Security officials in Kandahar province have announced the appointment of Mohammad Sharif Sartib, the new police chief of Kandahar province, and the resignation of Tadin Khan, the former police chief of the province.

According to local media reports, Mohammad Sharif Sartib, the new police chief of Kandahar province, officially took office today, Saturday, with the presence of some officials, including the governor of the province.

Mohammad Sharif Sartib Pish had previously served as the commander of the fourth unit of the Third Border Brigade in Kandahar, and Tadin Khan has been appointed as a member of the Supreme Council of National Reconciliation.

Tadin Khan was introduced in 1397 as a replacement for General Abdul Raziq, the former commander of the Kandahar police.

Reporter: Qodsiah Ishaqazi

Car Accident in Herat-Kandahar highway: 18 dead

According to Herat Health Officials, an accident occurred on the Herat-Kandahar highway which left five dead and 13 wounded.

“The Accident occurred last night in Azizabad area of (Shindand) district and 2 Vehicle collided,” said M.Aref Jalali chief physician of Herat District Hospital.

“dead bodies and wounded people have been taken to Heart Hospital for treatment.” Mr. Jalali added.

The main reasons for accidents are high speed, disobedience to traffic rules, and low width of highways.