The arrest of an organized crime group head by the police

Afghanistan محمد نبی کریمیMohammad Nabi karimi Monday July 5th, 2021 0 Views



The Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued a newsletter stating that ANP has arrested a person who played a crucial role in organized crime. “Police have arrested a leader in organized crime,” officials at the Interior Ministry said in a statement issued Monday (7/5/2021).


The organized crime leader has been arrested in Panjshir province and is considered one of the most dangerous criminal figures. The bulletin of the Ministry of Interior also reads: “The members of the Ministry of Interior’s Anti-Crime Police in coordination with the Pancheshir police following a targeted operation, a man named Hamed known as” Hamed Ghancho, “the head of one of the organization’s gangs The detainees were arrested in Panjshir province. “


According to the newsletter, the detainee has been involved in several crimes. By arresting him, organized crime in the center and neighboring provinces will improve to some extent. The bulletin reads: “This person is suspected of committing several murders in different parts of Kabul, threatening to kill people and extorting money from shopkeepers in the second and fourth districts of Kabul. The police already wanted him, and his name is on The list of people wanted by the Kabul Security Pact.


Interior Ministry officials, meanwhile, claimed that he was armed with military equipment when the organized crime gang leader was arrested but was detained by police before the suspect could take military action. The bulletin added: “A Kalashnikov assault rifle was also seized from this person. We ask all our dear compatriots to refer to the Department for Combating Criminal Offenses of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to pursue the best possible results and bring justice to this person.” “


The report is being leaked to the media by the Interior Ministry, as organized crime spreads across the country, and organized crime is a problem for Afghan citizens. According to reports, although the Interior Ministry is talking about reducing crime in the capital, residents of the capital claim that the movements of criminal and organized criminals have made it impossible for them to roam and work for peace. Do. In the latest case, three armed robbers reportedly entered a pharmacy, injuring its owner and taking at least 20,000 afghanis with the pharmacy seller; Kabul police have not yet commented.