The number of COVID 19 infections has increased in the last 24 hours

Health SanaullahSanaullah Nawabi Tuesday December 15th, 2020 233 Views

Officials at the Ministry of Public Health announced the registration of 256 new cases of the COVID 19 overnight in the country.

The Ministry of Public Health announced today (Tuesday, December 15) that in the last twenty-four hours, 1,451 suspected samples of the COVID 19 have been registered in the laboratories of this ministry, of which 256 samples are positive.

Positive figures have been recorded in Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Balkh, Nangarhar, Paktia, Baghlan, Badghis, Farah, Ghor, Kunar, Uruzgan, and Jawzjan provinces. The total number of coronavirus infections has increased to 49,740.

According to the Ministry of Health’s official statistics, in the last twenty-four hours, 26 people with coronavirus have died in the country, and the total number of deaths from the coronavirus has increased to two thousand and one. The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in the country has reached 38,500.

Meanwhile, with the arrival of the country’s cold season, the number of people infected with the coronavirus has increased.
Reporter: Qodsia Ishaqazi

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Health Minister: The president forcibly removed me from office

MOPH ministry has released a visual message of the Afghan Minister of Public Health that the Department of Public Affairs forcibly removed him and received the letter from this address.

Ahmad Javad Osmani stated in a video message: “Dear compatriots, yesterday the president asked me to resign, but I gave him the reason that there are no legal obstacles to my work, but this morning I got a call.

He said that I should resign. I did not resign from my post, but today I received a letter from the esteemed Department of Communications stating that the minister of public health’s resignation is meant. “In my opinion, governance in Afghanistan should be strengthened, and this way of governing does not warm up. This is a complete political conspiracy.”

Meanwhile, a letter was circulated on social media in which officials confirmed that the president had announced the resignation of Javad Osmani, the country’s Minister of Public Health; Based on letter No. 13969 dated 11/10/1399, the Office of Affairs has written: “After considering the letter of Ahmad Javad Osmani, the Minister of Public Health, regarding his resignation, the Supreme Leader issued the following ruling: It has the purpose and any manager who is under the supervision of widespread corruption is responsible, if there is any ambiguity, they should take it upon themselves. “He has been removed from office.”

This issue is raised by the Minister of Public Health, who had previously published reports that President Ghani Mohammad Javad Osmani had been arrested for the involvement of three detained members of his family in a corruption case.

He was summoned by the Presidential Palace and formally resigned as Minister of Public Health, but the Minister of Health disobeyed the president’s order.