US National Security Adviser: We have had military talks with Pakistan

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US National Security Adviser Jack Salwan acknowledges that the United States has held military, intelligence, and diplomatic talks with Pakistan to ensure that Afghanistan is no longer a haven for terrorists and that US interests are once again at stake. They are not in danger, but the US official declined to comment further.


Salwan made the remarks at a news conference on Monday in response to a reporter’s question.
“We have had constructive talks with Pakistan in the military, intelligence, and diplomatic sectors. We talked about the future capacity of the United States to make sure that Afghanistan is once again the haven of al-Qaeda and ISIS,” he said. “Or the terrorist group will no longer attack the United States.”


“But in terms of what this relationship will be like, it will be postponed in terms of formality to the details so that work can go on through the same channels,” Solvan said.


The New York Times previously reported that the CIA was trying to continue its intelligence-gathering, combat, and counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. However, several CIA analysts have warned that the Taliban have given way to a growing threat and that they may regain control of Afghanistan.


The New York Times report also focused on links to Pakistan. “The CIA has been working for years from a base to target insurgents in the country’s western mountains, but in 2011 after the US-Pakistani relationship soured, the facility was closed,” the report said. It was also closed by Pakistani authorities. “
The United States is seeking a military base in Pakistan, which has long been accused of supporting the Taliban.


On the other hand, Pakistani Foreign Minister Mohammad Qureshi has said that his country wants stability in Afghanistan, but some forces do not want strength to return to Afghanistan. “We want the peace talks to move forward with the withdrawal of troops. The world does not see Pakistan as part of the problem,” he said. Pakistan’s foreign minister has previously said in a meeting with Pakistani political parties that Islamabad is never willing to give a military base to the United States in its geography.


Searching for a base in the region is one of America’s ideals. But at the moment, there is no question of giving them a base; we have to see our interests,” Qureshi said.


The US National Security Adviser speaks of secret talks with Pakistan after the Taliban group had previously warned Islamabad that Islamabad would face a new crisis if it gave the Americans a military base in their geography.